I Dawg You Lots!

So peeps, Louise said I can paw my own post this morning ’cause it’s Dawlentine’s Day! Woof! Woof! But, before I deliver my opus of a Dawlentine’s Poem just let me say — I would have called it Dawglentine but y’a know… it just doesn’t have the same ring. And to call it a Dolentine is soooo…. pedestrian. Plus. I’m not a dog. I’m a real DAWG. Know what I mean?

Right. Where was I?

Oh Yeah. Dawlentine’s Day…. So… in honour of this day of Love and hearts pounding and chocolate sales soaring, I wrote a poem. My dad, C.C., inspired me. He gave Louise flowers and when I asked why she deserved flowers he said, “Cause she’s my Valentine.”

“Well,” I asked, “What about me?”

And he said, “You’re my Dawlentine. Best Beau ever!” And then, even though they’re the smelliest things ever, he gave me a bag of my very favouritest treats!

Like, he’s the hooomanest hooman Ever!

So this one’s for you C.C. (and all you, my peeps, ’cause you know, I Dawg You Lots!)

PS. I’m still waiting for Louise’s Dawlentine’s gift. Thus far, it’s been a walk at -25C (with windchill -34C) and one of the old treats. Not the smelly ones. She said they smell too much for a morning sniff. Ha! I like ’em ripe! Like blue cheese.

She also said we were only walking for 20 minutes at a time ’cause it’s cold out. Ha! I like ’em chill. though I gotta give her credit. She hasn’t made me wear that Cowabunga coat creation this year yet! Maybe she is getting wise in her old age? Ouch! Folks! Call 9-1-1!!! She just hit me! Ok. No she didn’t but she did try to push me away from the keyboard for calling her old! She really has no sense of humour in the morning. Know what I mean?

And now, she’s gone back to bed ’cause she says she wants to cuddle with her Valentine. And I ask you again! What about me?

Sigh. What’s a dawg to do when his hooman is all hopped up on Valentine’s looooove….

Right. and now. for my opus of a Dawlentine’s Poem for YOU.

by Beaumont the Sheepadoodle

A dawg's heart is always true
no matter what you hoomans do
we'll always greet you at the door
with wags and kisses and eyes that implore
you to get down when you come home
so we can give you some lovin' 
and wipe away your frowns
'cause that's just what dawg's do
we love our hoomans it's so true
'cause a dog's love is forever dear
to help you through your every tear.

so here's to you my awesome fans
you make my Sundays anything but bland
and even if Louise has gone back to bed
and left me here to paw my own poem instead
of givin' me the attention that is my due
she knows I'll love her 'cause I'm true blue
'cause that's just the way
this dawg spends his day
Lovin' Louise 
even when she's absentee!

So…. whady’a think? Maybe I’ll send it off to the New Yorker. Ya?

Then again, maybe I’ll just give C.C. my imploring eyes and he’ll succumb (he’s an easy mark) and give me another one of them treats.

Yeah. That works. ‘Cause I don’t need fame and fortune as ‘the Dawg who writes poems’. I just need my hoomans to keep on stayin’ home until this panda invasion is gone and we get the all clear to gather once more with family and friends I can greet at the door!

Hey! I’m likin’ this poetry gig.

I'm a poet 
but my paws don't show it 
they're Dawgfellows!

Just so you know. I did not write that last ridiculous piece. Louise did. She just couldn’t leave me alone to write for myself. And then, of course, she had to add her two poetic cents worth!

Sigh. What’s a dawg to do when his hooman is Louise? I know! I know! Keep on lovin’ her in spite of herself! ‘Cause that’s what real dawgs do.

13 thoughts on “I Dawg You Lots!

Add yours

  1. Beaumont, you certainly have outdid yourself this fine, sunny, post-snowfall morning. Calgary does not have the monopoly on COLD temps. The Middle Kingdom, aka Ontario, is slowly emerging out of the grip of -20 overnight temperatures. But then usually brings snow, more on the way. I digress.
    Glad you got a bag of tasty treats, that’s what Valentine’s Day is partially about. Sweets, treats, flowers. Then there are the hugs, cuddles and walks. You’ve got the best gig going and you topped it off with your delightful words of warmth, love and caring. Done good! Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well dawggone it Iwona, don’t you just know how to make a dawg’s heart feel all mushy and warm! Definitely cuts down on the cold out there!
    Sorry about your snow — seems like the whole country is getting it, except us. We just got the cold – but it’s going away. real soon.
    Thanks for the Dawlentine’s Love my friend! ❤


  3. Hi Beau, this is Jolie the black (after many years, gray) Sheepadoodle. We have played together once or twice at Edworthy; actually my mom has some pictures of us playing with your dad, he was throwing us the ball, that was so much fun.
    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog and I totally agree with all your opinions and struggles. These humans are a fun thing to watch, I mean, they are cute but sometimes I really don’t know how they could manage going on their own. Can you imagine if we were not by their side to control their actions and emotions? I know, they believe they are “the boss” but you and I know it’s completely the opposite.
    Anyway, I will keep reading you because that gives me hope, to know I’m not alone, you know?. Though unlike you, I have an older sister to deal with. My parents say she’s a Yorkie, but I say she’s a nightmare.
    I know from time to time you deal with an annoying cat but… can you imagine dealing with your bossy little sis every single day?
    Anyway, tell your mom that my mom really enjoys reading your stories. She created us our own Instagram account so she can embarrass us publicly every Friday 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean, I know her intentions are good but, oh boy, these humans.
    Happy Dawglentine’s Day furiend 🐶
    PS, you can find us @muffin_&_jolie 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolie!!! I remember you. You and me. We played real good. I kind think we coulda made nice babies. Know what I mean.
      And I so hear ya’! These hoomans.
      I’m gonna go check you and Muffin (seriously, they let you keep a little toy dawg – even if she’s a nightmare she’s gotta be amusing sometimes. right?) Anyway. I’m going to go check you out.
      I’m sooo glad you said Hi! I always like to hear from furpeeps — ya’ know, we know the truth! right!
      And say hi to your mom from my mom. She finally got out of bed and took me to Shouldice park where we go everyday — twice a day actually ’cause I know it’s good for her to walk!

      Thanks buddy! Happy Dawlentine’s Day to you too furiend! ❤


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