Ain’t No FauxBeau’s Allowed!

Well, how d’ya like these dawg-ples folks? She thinks just because she’s taken off to see those Littles it’s okay to

A) not post my wisdom words until the afternoon (I even had to call her and tell her to get it done!) and

B) To usurp my place of honour with this stuffed abomination called FauxBeau!!!!

I mean really. Whatever is this dawggone world coming to that she thinks a stuffie is an acceptable replacement for the real Beau?


Yeah. She did get up and go, eventually, after that bonk on her head. Harrumph. it obviously did not knock any sense into her I’d say. But then, nobody’s asking me. Instead she’s talking to some over-stuffed wanna be who can’t even make like a real dawg ’cause he’s not! I mean, he doesn’t even go outside and he definitely can’t chase the ball. And his licks? Yuck! They’re non-existence.

But… I gotta admit. Seeing as how she let’s that littlest Little maul the thing I’m kinda glad it’s FauxBeau and not me who’s there. Know what I mean?

But seriously. I’m the real mcDawg and she’s off gettin’ all up close and personal with some fuzzy haired bag of fluff.

Sigh. There’s just no tellin’ with some people’s children, is there?

But… maybe I need to be a bit more gracious and allow for her confused state of mind. I mean, a mirror did land on her head and all and she is getting old (FYI – that was a paid political announcement by my buddy Rod who paid me to say that. he thinks Louise has lost her sillies. I kinda think he’s right)

I mean really, people! FauxBeau gets to sit at the table, not under it! He even gets to sit in TJ’s chair and watch him play with his trucks and tractors and he even gets to sleep in his bed!

And me? I get left at home.

Though… I gotta admit. I’m havin’ kinda a good time. I get Louise’s half of the bed and my dad doesn’t make me get up early and go outside with some lame excuse that I need to do my business before the sun’s even up. Oh. And did I mention? He had ribs for dinner and he gave me ALL the bones. Yeah. Like ALL OF THEM!

Louise might, and I mean, might let me have one but never ALL OF THEM!!!

So yeah. I’m goin’ for the Gracious Beau award ’cause y’a know… some stuffed up FauxBeau ain’t got nothin’ on me. And I guess it does just go to show she misses me sooooo much she’s willing to take a fake just to fill the hole in her heart!

I still think I’ll give her a cold shoulder though when she gets home. Though… I’ll make that decision when she walks in the door and gives me a gift. ‘Cause you know she’s getting me a gift right? I mean, she took the Little’s gifts. The least she can do is bring one home to her Top Dawg! That would be me — the REAL Beau – ’cause there’s nuttin’ fake about me! I’m the real McDawg Beaumont!

I’ll keep you posted peeps.

Thanks for listening. I sure do appreciate your understanding and your support of my position as the Top Dawg. Real McDawg. REAL Beau in this here family!

6 thoughts on “Ain’t No FauxBeau’s Allowed!

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  1. You’re the real McCoy dear Beaumont. Consider it a compliment that FauxBeau is a your “twin” a doppelgänger, sort of, kind of, well, almost a mirror image of toi!
    And you get half the bed, temporarily. That must count for something.

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    1. You’re right Iwona — half the bed does. And now she’s back… I get almost non of it — except when she gets up early (which she almost always does) and I can go back to sleep with my dad!


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