AAARRRGGGHHHH is not a word

Me: Beau. Wake-up. It’s time to go to the park.

Beaumont: Shhhh. I’m sleeping.

Me: What’s with you. You always want to go to the park.

Beau: Did you hear that wind last night? Vicious. I had to pace and keep watch just in case.

Me: Actually you didn’t. You could have just slept through it.

Beau: Then who would have protected you?

Me: Ummm… protected us from what?

Beau: The wind.

Me: Why do we need protection from the wind?

Beau: Isn’t the more appropriate response, “Thank you.”?

Me: What am I thanking you for?

Beau: I told you. Protecting you from the wind.

Me: And again, I ask…

Beau: (interrupting me) I wouldn’t go there. That’s a circle we’ve already circumnavigated.

Me: Yes, but…

Beau: You need to keep your butt out of it Louise.

Me: And you need to tell me why I need your protection from the wind.

Beau: If you can’t figure it out what’s the point in telling you?

Me: So I can figure it out?

Beau: That’s where you’re wrong Louise. You’ll never figure it out ’cause you’re just a mere hooman and you don’t understand Nature.

Me: Are you going all embodied present on me Beau?

Beau: Nope. Just pointing out the obvious. You don’t think you need protection from the wind because as a hooman, you think you can control it, harness it, use it. You can’t own the wind. The wind is a force of its own.

Me: You know you’re going all esoteric and philosophical on me, right?

Beau: And your point?

Me: I don’t understand your point.

Beau: Well that’s obvious.

Me: Can we just go for a walk please?

Beau: Wasn’t that the point of this conversation all along?


Beau: (smiling sweet and innocent) Can we go now? I gotta pee.

Me: AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Why can’t I win with you!

Beau: Well if you didn’t resort to Aaaargh so much Louise, maybe you’d be better able to say something that makes sense.

Me: (spluttering) Make sense. You’re the one who…

Beau: Shhhh….. You’re wasting time. We gotta get to the park. C’mon now. Hurry up and get ready.

Sigh. There’s no sense in trying to say anything else. I’ll only end up going, AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! all over again! πŸ™‚

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