I Demand An Audience

Beaumont:  I demand an audience. Me:  Excuse me? Beau:  You heard me. I need to be heard. Now. Me:  Well, aren't we just the demanding sort this morning. Beau:  I already said that. Me:  Ya. Ya. Whatever. What for? Beau:  Seriously? You're going to use sloppy English in a time like this? Me:  (sigh) What... Continue Reading →

Are you gone already?

Beaumont:  So. Can I just say something? Me:  Is it nice? Beaumont:  Ha! Like I'm never not nice. Though I would suggest it's not nice of you to even ask the question. Me:  Fine. I apologize. What did you want to say? Beaumont:  So I understand you're off to Mexico for two weeks. Me:  Yup!  I'm so excited.... Continue Reading →

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