Bark. Walk. Bark. Walk. Beau’s winning hand.

Beaumont:  You're not really thinking of playing that card are you? Me:  Beau.  Let him play whatever card he wants. Beau:  You're just saying that because you want to win. Me:  Duh.... Beau:  It's not all about winning you know. Me:  When I'm playing Crib with your dad it most definitely is all about winning. Beau:  What about the 'it's... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Call

Me:  Beaumont. Quit staring at me. I'm trying to sleep. Beau:  I'm trying to get your attention. Me:   Go to sleep. Beau:  I need to go out. Me:   I took you out before we came to bed. Why do you have to go out now? Beau:  Why do you think? Me:  Because you want to chase that cute rabbit you... Continue Reading →

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