Say it. Prove it.

Beaumont: So... it's about time you got back to my blog Louise. Me: I was away. Beau: That was the Sunday before last. What happened last week? Me: I forgot??? Beau: That's your excuse? You forgot all about me? Me: No Beau. I didn't forget about you! I would never do that. Beau: Ya coulda'... Continue Reading →

My Side Of The Bed

Beaumont:  So. Can I just say something? Me:  Is it nice? Beau:  Ha! Like I’m never not nice. Though I would suggest it’s not nice of you to even ask the question. Me:  Fine. I apologize. What did you want to say? Beau:  So I understand you’re off to see "The Littles" this week. Me:  Yup!  I’m so excited.... Continue Reading →

He Ain’t Heavy

Me: Beaumont. You're doing it again. Beau: What's that? Me You know what that is. Beau: Louise. If I knew what that is I wouldn't ask what that is. Me: (sigh) Lying on top of me. Beau: Oh that. Me: Yes. Beau. That. And see, you did know what it was. Beau: Well actually Louise.... Continue Reading →

What about me?

Beaumont: So... Louise.... I don't get it. Me: Get what Beau? Beau: Well... you know how you just spent days and days putting together a desk calendar for your She Dares Boldly series... Me: Yeeeesss.... (already I know I'm in trouble...) Beau: Well... I don't understand why you don't have a "Beaumont Dares Boldly" calendar.... Continue Reading →

Fi-Fo — Seriously?

Me: Beaumont. You're lying on top of your dad. Beaumont: What? Me? Really? Me: Yes. Really. You need to get off him. Beaumont: I think you mean, "my dad is lying under me." He needs to move. Me: He was there first. Beaumont: First in. First out. You know. FI-FO. Me: Excuse me? Beaumont: FI-FO.... Continue Reading →

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