I Was Here First

Me: Beaumont. You know you're sitting on me right? Beau: You know you're on my chaise right? Me: Your chaise? Beau: Hey! A dawg's gotta lie somewhere and this is where I lie. Me: Ummm... This is where I'm reading. Beau: Louise. There are many places you can read in this house. Me: And many... Continue Reading →

Carpet the Day!

Me: Beaumont. Is there a reason you're sitting staring out the patio door? Beau: Is there a reason we're sitting inside on such a beautiful day? Me: It's not polite to answer a question with a question. Beau: It's not polite to ask questions you already know the answer to. Me: It's also bad grammar... Continue Reading →

The Squirrel Hunter

Me: Beaumont. We need to talk. Beau: I'm busy. Me: Beau.... Beau: Yah. Yah. Yah. Whatever. Me: Beaumont. This is serious. Beau: Taking me to the groomers and inflicting all that brushing and fluffing on me is serious Louise. If what you wanna talk about is what I think you wanna talk about, well that's... Continue Reading →

You Did What?

Beau: So... let me get this straight. You went for a walk with Jane. Without me. Me: It wasn't intentional Beau. I just sort of happened. Beau: Then explain to me how this 'just sort of happened' walk happened. Me: Well, I was dropping off your Christmas gift for Uncle Al and.. Beau: (interrupting me)... Continue Reading →

Waiting for…

Me: Beaumont. What are you looking at? Beau: Not looking at. Watching for. Me: Oh. There's a difference? Beau: Oh you wordsmith you, Louise. Of course there's a difference. Me: Ok. I'll bite. What's the difference. Beau: Well... using the phrase "I'll bite" with a dawg is an example of you looking for trouble. Me:... Continue Reading →

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