Enjoy and Let Go

Me: Beaumont. You know you're doing it again. Right? Beau: What? Me: Don't play innocent. Beau: Who are you to talk? Me: What's that mean? Beau: Haha. You're away. Again. Me: And you're lying on top of your dad. Again. Beau: Does he look like he's complaining? Me: That's not the point. Beau: There's a... Continue Reading →

Fi-Fo. Say What?

Me: Beaumont. You're lying on top of your dad. Beaumont: What? Me? Really? Me: Yes. Really. You need to get off him. Beau: I think you mean, "my dad is lying under me." He needs to move. Me: He was there first. Beau: First in. First out. You know. FI-FO. Me: Excuse me? Beau: FI-FO.... Continue Reading →

In a Word… No.

Beaumont: So... let me get this straight. You're off to the coast again for two weeks. Without me. Me: That would be right. Beau: And you think that's ok? Me: I'm not sure it's about ok or not ok Beau. It's all about my grandchildren and my seeing them. Beau: And what about me? Me:... Continue Reading →

See. Ball. Go. Fetch.

Me: So... what are you waiting for? Beaumont: For you to fetch the ball? Me: Why don't you? Beau: Because you're two feet away and can easily reach it? Me: Was that a question or a statement? Beau: Does it matter? Me: Seriously Beau. You need to stop answering my questions with a question mark... Continue Reading →

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