Acts of Contrition

Beau and his significantly special gift from Iwona Beaumont: So... Louise... what gives? Me: What do you mean? Beau: I mean... what gives? Iwona sent me a gift. Rod sent me 50 ways to get even and you? What did you get me? Me: I came home?... Beau: And... Me: And... that's it. Beau: And... Continue Reading →

Sun’s Up!

Me: Beau. Why are you standing there peering down at me? Beaumont: Sun's up. Me: So? Beau: Why aren't you? Me: 'Cause I want to lie in? Beau: And what about me? Me: What about you? Beau: I have needs... Me: Go talk to your dad. Beau: He's sleeping. Me: And I wasn't? Beau: That's... Continue Reading →

Moose On The Loose

Beaumont: Ummm.... You know that's not a photo of me, right Louise? Me: Of course. Beau: Then why are you sharing it? Me: Because a moose on the loose in our backyard is pretty cool? Beau: (making that buzzer sound that means 'loser'') NEEEEAAAAHHH Me: Be generous Beau. You gotta admit a moose in our... Continue Reading →

Stop Shoulding On Me

Me: Beaumont. The ball is right beside your foot. Beau: I know that. Me: Then why aren't you picking it up? Beau: Why aren't you coming to get it while I munch on some grass? Me: Because you're not supposed to eat grass? Beau: And you're not supposed to criticize, condemn and complain. Me: I'm... Continue Reading →

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