Can We Talk?

Beaumont:  Dad. We gotta talk. C.C.:  Of course. I'm here for you Beau. Beau:  Sigh.  It's nice you're here for me dad 'cause I don't know where in the world my mom is. C.C.:  She's out on the coast. Visiting her grandson. Remember. I told you. Beau:  But didn't she just get back from seeing him?... Continue Reading →

Dear Ann Landers…

Dear Ann Landers, It's Beaumont the Sheepadoodle here and I really need your advice. So, my mom says she's too busy to share our conversations right now on my blog. It seems her galavanting around without me is a priority. Harrumph. Last weekend she went to Canmore for a three day getaway and then this... Continue Reading →

There Ain’t No Shorn Shame Redemption

Beaumont:  Seriously?  Why do you do it? Me:  Do what? Beau:  Oh don't you give me that innocent look. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Me:  Um.... you mean your beautiful haircut? Beau:  Ain't nothin' beautiful about it. It's a crying shame. Me:  Don't be so sensitive. You'll be much cooler for the rest of summer. Beau:  Have you noticed... Continue Reading →

You’re Kidding, Right?

Beaumont:  So.... let me get this straight. You trick me into thinking we're going to the park and then you bring me to the Vets? Me:  I didn't trick you. We went to the park earlier. Beau:  Yeah, but you didn't tell me this was next! Me:   Stop complaining. It's for your own good. Beau:  Getting stuck with needles... Continue Reading →

What Now?

  Me:  Beaumont... Beau:  Oh Dawg... What now? Me:  You know exactly what I mean. Beau:  Hey lady. I'm just a dawg. You gotta spell it out. Me:  How many times do we have to have this conversation? Beau:  Which conversation would that  be? Me:  The one about you lying on my pillow, taking up my side of the... Continue Reading →

It’s a Dawg’s World

Beaumont:  So.... explain to me again... why is she here? Me:  Because her mom and dad are away. Beau:  That still doesn't explain why she's HERE.  In my home. Me:  She had nowhere else to go. Beau:  She could have gone to a cat spa.  Or maybe, camped out along the river. Me:  Beau.  That's not nice. Beau:  It's not nice having... Continue Reading →

You never call.

Beaumont:  So... you go off on a trip and forget all about me? Me:  I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been visiting and having fun. Beau:  And drinking a whole lot of wine from the looks of it. Me:  Not that much. Beau:  Sure. So you say. I saw the photos. Me:  Are you judging me? Beau:  Who me? Judge? Nah.... Continue Reading →

The not so little lap dog.

Me:  Beau. You know you're not a lapdog, right? Beau:  Says who? Me:  Says me. You're too big to be a lapdog. Beau:    You must be mistaken. I seem to fit just fine on this chair. Me:  You're sitting on me. Beau:  What's your point? Me:  You're heavy. Beau:  Then maybe you should have moved before I climbed up into the chair.... Continue Reading →

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