Stay Calm and Knead On

Me:   Beau. What are you doing? Beaumont:  Watching you. Me:  What on earth for? Beau:  Because the earth needs me to do it. Me:   Ummm.... I'm confused. Why does the earth need you to watch me? Beau:  Because the earth needs its hoomans to stay calm and keeping humans calm is a dawg's most important... Continue Reading →

Panda what?

Beaumont:  So. Let me get this straight. You're staying close to home because there's a bunch of pandas running wild across the globe. Me:  That's 'pandemic' Beau. Not pandas. Beau: Well, whatever they're called, you seem to be more interested in them than me. Me:  How's that Beau? Beau:  Well, you don't stay home for... Continue Reading →

Not Again!

Hello? Anybody there?  Ya. It’s me. Beaumont. On my own. She’s done it. Again. Taken off for parts unknown and left me behind. Sigh. What’s a dawg to do to get a little attention around here? Like I lay on top of her in an effort to keep her warm. I follow her all over... Continue Reading →

Eggs Easy Over Please

Beaumont:  Hey Lady. Know what time it is? Me:  Morning? Beaumont:  Breakfast time! Me:  I can't get up. Beau:  Why not? Me:  You're lying on top of me. Beau:  That's to wake you up. Me:  All right already. I'm awake. Beau:  Then, where's my breakfast? Me:  If you get off of me I'll get it for... Continue Reading →


Me:  Beaumont, that bench is for humans. Beau:  Well that's rather prejudicial of you isn't it? Me:  Prejudicial?  Well, aren't we being erudite. Beau:   I'm not some illiterate cad you know. Or maybe I should say cat. Me: Right. And unlike cats, you can read. Beau:  Yes. I know exactly what's written on this bench. Me: ... Continue Reading →

Cowabunga, Dude!

Beaumont:   Aaargh!  You're kidding, right?  You're not actually going to make me go outside in this get-up? Me:  It's cold outside. Beau:  Yeah?  Well it will be a cold day in hell before you take me out in public looking like this! Me:  I think you look kind of cute. Anyway, I don't want you... Continue Reading →

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