Just Do It Already!

Me: Beau. It's not polite to stick your tongue out. Beaumont: Louise. It's not polite to invite a she-cat into my home without first consulting me. Me: You would have said no, Zoey couldn't come and stay for the long weekend. Beau: My point exactly. Me: Which is why the 'forgiveness is the best course... Continue Reading →

The No. 1 Rule

Me: So.... I suppose you think that's pretty clever... Beaumont: What's that? Me: The toy you've torn apart. Beau: What toy? Me: The one between your paws. Beau: It wasn't a toy Louise. Me: It wasn't? Beau: No!!! It was a pesky marauding invader masquerading as a stuffed sheep. I killed it dead so it... Continue Reading →

My Heart is Breaking

Today, as Louise and I drove back from the park and running errands, we were listening to CBC. The news came on and there was an article about all the animals who have been abandoned as families run for safety. I understand how taking a beloved family pet cannot always be possible, but my heart... Continue Reading →

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