You move. You lose.

Me:  Excuse me...  I just got up to get a coffee. I was planning on coming back to bed. Beau:  You move. You lose. Me:  Beaumont. I'd like to come back to bed please. I was planning on spending an hour reading this morning. Beau:  Hey lady. You took off for a month. I claimed this space. Me:   And... Continue Reading →

Whose couch is it anyway?

Beaumont:  Seriously?  What does a dawg have to do in this house to get some peace? Me:  What do you mean? Beau:  If I've told you once, I've told you a gazillion times, I do not need a catty friend. Me:  She's only visiting for three weeks Beau. Be nice. Beau:  Heck!  I try being nice. What does she do?... Continue Reading →

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