Fi-Fo — Seriously?

Me: Beaumont. You're lying on top of your dad. Beaumont: What? Me? Really? Me: Yes. Really. You need to get off him. Beaumont: I think you mean, "my dad is lying under me." He needs to move. Me: He was there first. Beaumont: First in. First out. You know. FI-FO. Me: Excuse me? Beaumont: FI-FO.... Continue Reading →

Not Again!

Beaumont: Louise. What are you doing? Me: I'm making menus. Beau: What for? Me: For when I'm cooking in at Mt. Engadine Lodge again. Beau: Again? Like.... you're going back and leaving me? Again? Me: You'll be fine Beau. You're dad will be home with you. Beau: That's not the issue Louise. I'm sure I'll... Continue Reading →

Acts of Contrition

Beau and his significantly special gift from Iwona Beaumont: So... Louise... what gives? Me: What do you mean? Beau: I mean... what gives? Iwona sent me a gift. Rod sent me 50 ways to get even and you? What did you get me? Me: I came home?... Beau: And... Me: And... that's it. Beau: And... Continue Reading →

Sun’s Up!

Me: Beau. Why are you standing there peering down at me? Beaumont: Sun's up. Me: So? Beau: Why aren't you? Me: 'Cause I want to lie in? Beau: And what about me? Me: What about you? Beau: I have needs... Me: Go talk to your dad. Beau: He's sleeping. Me: And I wasn't? Beau: That's... Continue Reading →

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