See. Ball. Go. Fetch.

Me: So... what are you waiting for? Beaumont: For you to fetch the ball? Me: Why don't you? Beau: Because you're two feet away and can easily reach it? Me: Was that a question or a statement? Beau: Does it matter? Me: Seriously Beau. You need to stop answering my questions with a question mark... Continue Reading →

Give A Dawg Some Peace

Beaumont: Seriously. Who let the cat on the bed? Me: Ummm... Beau. Who let the dawg on? Beau: Ya but, I live here. Me: Yabuts run in fields. Beau: Oh my. Yabuts. Rabbits. Ha! Ha! You probably think you're funny. Me: Don't you? Beau: Nope. Louise: Not even a little bit...? Beau: Nope. Now, my... Continue Reading →

Sad. Confused. And Shaved!

Dear DawgAnn Danders, It's me. Beaumont. I've snuck onto my dad's laptop while he's taking a nap (with me on the bed of course.) I'm writing today because I'm confused. My mom has gone off to see the grandlittles (apparently there's a new little and she couldn't stay away). But here's the deal. While it's... Continue Reading →

What About Me?

Hey my peeps!  It's me.  I snuck onto her laptop and am pawing away at this here post 'cause, as you can see, she didn't get to it this past Sunday. I mean. Really. Right? Like... What's up with that? Apparently, she's been busy playing with paint and poor l'il ole me had to take... Continue Reading →

The Obstreperous Dawg

Me: So.... Beau.... Beaumont:  Oh dear. I always get nervous when you say my name like that. What did I do this time? Me:  Don't be silly. Nothing. I just want to talk to you about something. Beau:  What's that? Me:  Well. A friend, a big fan of yours, suggested you might want to be... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Sing

It stormed last night. Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain. Beaumont doesn't like thunder and lightning. Nor wind. They scare him. I awoke at around 4am to the sound of him standing over me on the bed, panting noisily. Me:  Beau. What is it? Beau:  Huff. Huff. Huff. Me:  Go back to sleep. Beau:   Huff. Huff. Huff. Me: ... Continue Reading →

Are you rolling your eyes?

Beaumont:  So, let's see if I've got this right. You, Louise, think it's more important you get the flowers planted, the deck swept and all sorts of other household chores completed before writing my blog. Does that about sum it up? Me:   I'm not sure I think it's more important Beau. Just a bit more... Continue Reading →

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