Where I almost win!

Beaumont:  So... I'm getting really confused. Me:  About what? Beau:  You need to ask? Me:  I'd prefer not to assume. I remember what happened last week when I did. Beau:  Yeah! So the old girl can learn new tricks?! Me:  Haha!  Very funny. I'm not that old. Beau:  In dog years you're ancient. Me:  Fine. Can we go... Continue Reading →

So much doodoo.

Beaumont:  Oh man, lady. You are in such doodoo I don't think you'll ever get out from under it! Me:  Why's that? Beau:  As if you don't know. Me:  Remember. I'm just a mere human. And a woman at that. Spell it out for me. Beau:  Playing dumb doesn't become you. Me:  I'm not playing... Continue Reading →

Thanks & Giving

Me:  Beaumont. You know you're lying on top of me. Beau:  Yup. Me:  I need to get up. Beau:  You need to lie still and just be present in the moment. I'm giving thanks. Me:  Well that's very sweet but I have a lot to do to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. Beau:  Louise. Be... Continue Reading →

Excuses. Excuses.

Beaumont:  You know this is Monday, right? Me:  Yes. Beaumont:  So, you also know you're a day late posting my story. Me:  Yes. Well. I was busy getting an early Thanksgiving dinner ready for 10 people. Beau:  Excuses. Excuses. Me:  Well... I am the curator of this blog. I think I can decide to miss a... Continue Reading →

To Throw or Not to Throw.

Me:  Beaumont.  Why are you just standing there? Beau:  I'm waiting. Me:  Waiting for what? Beau:  For you to throw the ball. Me:  I didn't bring it. Beau:  Then I'm waiting for you to explain why not. And it better be good. Me:  Because there's lots of snow on the ground and you always lose it in the snow. Beau:  Excuse... Continue Reading →

I’m Pooped. I’m Not Moving

Me:  Beaumont. You're sleeping on the couch. Beau:  Yup. Me:  Well, you know you're not supposed to. Beau:  Yeah, well, you'd be sleeping on the couch too if you'd just walked for a gazillion kilometres. Me:  It wasn't that far. Beau:  How would you know. You weren't there. Me:  Well, Auntie Annie told me. You walked just over 20 k today. Beau:  Ha! ... Continue Reading →

You know it’s gonna be blurry, right?

Beaumont:  What? Me:  Would you please stop moving. Beau:  What for? Me:  Watch your English. Beau:  What for?  I'm a Dawg. I don't care about Engligh and I definitely don't understand requests that make no sense to me. Be specific. Use your words. What do you want? Me:  (Sigh) Right.  (taking a breath...) Beaumont, would you please stand still so I... Continue Reading →

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