Why so Serious?

Beaumont: Louise, I'm worried about you. Me: Why's that Beau? Beau: Well that's pretty obvious isn't it? Me: Not to me Beau. I'm not a mind reader. Beau: Seriously? You're going to use that lame argument? Me: Why is it lame? I'm just stating a fact. Beau: So if that's a fact, how is it... Continue Reading →

Can’t buy me love.

Hey, fans! It's me. Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle - Louise says that's not a place, but what does she know? What I know is... she's off again to see The Littles, leaving me with C.C. and... that vixen feline shecat Zoey as well as that 'little' Martha, the Labradoodle. Apparently, she thinks I'll be lonely... Continue Reading →


Beaumont: Remind me again Louise why you're mad at me? Me: I'm not mad at you Beau. I'm just annoyed you got a ticket. Beau: Actually, Louise. You got the ticket. Me: Excuse me. I wasn't even home. Beau: Whose name is on the ticket? Me: That's beside the point. I repeat. I wasn't here.... Continue Reading →

DawgOn’ Lovin’

Beaumont: You know Louise, you have been letting all my fans down with your inconsistent posting of my brilliance here on my blog. Me: (sighing) Yes Beau. I know. But I.../ Beau: (interrupting) Remember what you always tell me Louise... Keep your butt out of it! Me: (Sighing. Again) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But.../ Beau: Ahem.... Continue Reading →

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