You Can’t See Me.

Me: Beaumont, you know I can see you there. Beaumont:  If you hadn't put in a glass stairwell you wouldn't. Me:  Quit stalling. I have to brush you. Beau:  Why? Me:  Because you'll get matted if I don't. Beau:  Then take me to my hairdressers. Cindy is much more gentle than you. Me:  You were just there three weeks ago. Beau:  So?... Continue Reading →

Breaking rules and other habits.

Beaumont:   Whaaaat? Me:  Beau, you know you're not supposed to beg for food. Beau:  I wasn't begging. Auntie Annie offered. Me:  And you know better than to accept. Beau:  Says who? Me:  (sigh)  Me? Beau:  Right. Anyone else? Me:  Beau. Be polite. Beau:  I am being polite. She's a guest. I'm just being polite in accepting what she offers. You want me... Continue Reading →

Just throw it why don’t you?

Beaumont:  Look. Seeing as you forgot my ball and ball chucker, why don't you just take one of those pretty red ones off the tree? Me:  They're Christmas decorations. Not balls. Beau:  So you say. They look perfectly round and throwable to me. Me:  They'd break the minute they touched the ground. Beau:  Prove it. Me:  I am not going to... Continue Reading →

Are you gone already?

Beaumont:  So. Can I just say something? Me:  Is it nice? Beaumont:  Ha! Like I'm never not nice. Though I would suggest it's not nice of you to even ask the question. Me:  Fine. I apologize. What did you want to say? Beaumont:  So I understand you're off to Mexico for two weeks. Me:  Yup!  I'm so excited.... Continue Reading →

Where the Doggone Truth Lies

  Me   Beaumont, you know we have a no kissing policy here at work? Beau:  Uh huh. Me:  Then. Ummm. Why are you kissing Svetlana? Beau:  Because she put her face right next to mine? Me:  Doesn't mean you have to kiss her. Beau:  Of course it does. I'm a dog. Me:    But you're ignoring our policy. Beau:  Hey. I'd like... Continue Reading →

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