You never call.

Beaumont:  So... you go off on a trip and forget all about me? Me:  I haven't forgotten about you. I've just been visiting and having fun. Beau:  And drinking a whole lot of wine from the looks of it. Me:  Not that much. Beau:  Sure. So you say. I saw the photos. Me:  Are you judging me? Beau:  Who me? Judge? Nah.... Continue Reading →

The not so little lap dog.

Me:  Beau. You know you're not a lapdog, right? Beau:  Says who? Me:  Says me. You're too big to be a lapdog. Beau:    You must be mistaken. I seem to fit just fine on this chair. Me:  You're sitting on me. Beau:  What's your point? Me:  You're heavy. Beau:  Then maybe you should have moved before I climbed up into the chair.... Continue Reading →

Give the Dog a Bone

  Me:  Beaumont? Beau:  Whaaaat? Me:  Why are you hiding in the kitchen? Beau:  I'm not. Me:  Then what are you doing? Beau:  Waiting. Me:  For what? Beau:  Not 'for what'.  For who. Me:  (Sigh)  Whom. Beau:  What? Me:  The proper way to say it is, For whom. Beau:  Who. Whom.  Doesn't matter. What matters is my buddy, Rod, said he might... Continue Reading →

Dog time is now.

Beaumont:  Excuse me?  You've come back to bed. What's with this? Me:  Well.  We had a late night. I got up early to clean up the kitchen from our dinner party and now I need a nap. Beaumont:  And I'm just supposed to lie here and take it? Me:  I'd prefer it if you didn't lie right on top... Continue Reading →

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