Is that sarcasm I taste?

Beaumont:  So let me get this straight. Since Covid isolation started you've gone through almost 25 kilos of flour. Me:  Yup. Amazing isn't it. Beau:   I think it's rather selfish. Me:  Selfish? How so? Beau:  What have you been baking Louise? Me:  Ummm.... Bread. Cookies. Muffins. Foccacia. Pies. More cookies. More bread. Beau:  Hmmm... I... Continue Reading →

See Ball. See Beau Run.

Beaumont:  Hello? Earth to Louise. Can't you see the ball? Me:  Of course I can. Beau:  And... Me:  And what? Beau:  Don't be obtuse, Louise. You know the what. Me:  You want me to throw the ball. Beau:  See. You are present in this moment! Me:  Of course I am. I'm just not going to throw... Continue Reading →

I Demand An Audience

Beaumont:  I demand an audience. Me:  Excuse me? Beau:  You heard me. I need to be heard. Now. Me:  Well, aren't we just the demanding sort this morning. Beau:  I already said that. Me:  Ya. Ya. Whatever. What for? Beau:  Seriously? You're going to use sloppy English in a time like this? Me:  (sigh) What... Continue Reading →

Stay Calm and Knead On

Me:   Beau. What are you doing? Beaumont:  Watching you. Me:  What on earth for? Beau:  Because the earth needs me to do it. Me:   Ummm.... I'm confused. Why does the earth need you to watch me? Beau:  Because the earth needs its hoomans to stay calm and keeping humans calm is a dawg's most important... Continue Reading →

Panda what?

Beaumont:  So. Let me get this straight. You're staying close to home because there's a bunch of pandas running wild across the globe. Me:  That's 'pandemic' Beau. Not pandas. Beau: Well, whatever they're called, you seem to be more interested in them than me. Me:  How's that Beau? Beau:  Well, you don't stay home for... Continue Reading →

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