It Is What It Is

Me: Beau, you look very sad. Beaumont: Well, aren't you? Dad's in hospital. You throw a lousy ball. It's lookin' rather gloomy out there. Me: Yes... but he could be home today. Beau: You said that yesterday and the day before and... come to think of it, you've said that every day since New Year's... Continue Reading →

Men In Tights

I'm still away visiting The Littles -- so this is a repost from Nov 24, 2019 - as GreyCup is today and Beau still wonders why they chase that ball. Beaumont:  So, what is it with you humans and having to watch men in tights? Me:  Don't you mean Men in Black? Beau:  No. That's... Continue Reading →

Dashing Christmas spirits

Dawggone it peoples. She's doing it again. Giving me all these excuses as to why she didn't post my blog yesterday and I say, "Petchewie!" They're all just excuses. Photos courtesy of Dustin T. Like, "Beau, I just don't have time, We're doing our second annual Christmas Tree outdoor decorating extravaganza today and I've got... Continue Reading →

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