Sun’s Up!

Me: Beau. Why are you standing there peering down at me? Beaumont: Sun's up. Me: So? Beau: Why aren't you? Me: 'Cause I want to lie in? Beau: And what about me? Me: What about you? Beau: I have needs... Me: Go talk to your dad. Beau: He's sleeping. Me: And I wasn't? Beau: That's... Continue Reading →

Moose On The Loose

Beaumont: Ummm.... You know that's not a photo of me, right Louise? Me: Of course. Beau: Then why are you sharing it? Me: Because a moose on the loose in our backyard is pretty cool? Beau: (making that buzzer sound that means 'loser'') NEEEEAAAAHHH Me: Be generous Beau. You gotta admit a moose in our... Continue Reading →

Stop Shoulding On Me

Me: Beaumont. The ball is right beside your foot. Beau: I know that. Me: Then why aren't you picking it up? Beau: Why aren't you coming to get it while I munch on some grass? Me: Because you're not supposed to eat grass? Beau: And you're not supposed to criticize, condemn and complain. Me: I'm... Continue Reading →

Goosey Tales

It was as if in the early hours of the morning the sun had cajoled the trees with its exhortations, "You can do it! You can do it!" And the leaves had whispered to the branches, "Leaf out! Leaf out!" And the branches had called to its roots, "Push! Push! Push! and suddenly, spring burst... Continue Reading →

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