Please Don’t Sing

It stormed last night. Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain. Beaumont doesn't like thunder and lightning. Nor wind. They scare him. I awoke at around 4am to the sound of him standing over me on the bed, panting noisily. Me:  Beau. What is it? Beau:  Huff. Huff. Huff. Me:  Go back to sleep. Beau:   Huff. Huff. Huff. Me: ... Continue Reading →

Are you rolling your eyes?

Beaumont:  So, let's see if I've got this right. You, Louise, think it's more important you get the flowers planted, the deck swept and all sorts of other household chores completed before writing my blog. Does that about sum it up? Me:   I'm not sure I think it's more important Beau. Just a bit more... Continue Reading →

Is that sarcasm I taste?

Beaumont:  So let me get this straight. Since Covid isolation started you've gone through almost 25 kilos of flour. Me:  Yup. Amazing isn't it. Beau:   I think it's rather selfish. Me:  Selfish? How so? Beau:  What have you been baking Louise? Me:  Ummm.... Bread. Cookies. Muffins. Foccacia. Pies. More cookies. More bread. Beau:  Hmmm... I... Continue Reading →

See Ball. See Beau Run.

Beaumont:  Hello? Earth to Louise. Can't you see the ball? Me:  Of course I can. Beau:  And... Me:  And what? Beau:  Don't be obtuse, Louise. You know the what. Me:  You want me to throw the ball. Beau:  See. You are present in this moment! Me:  Of course I am. I'm just not going to throw... Continue Reading →

I Demand An Audience

Beaumont:  I demand an audience. Me:  Excuse me? Beau:  You heard me. I need to be heard. Now. Me:  Well, aren't we just the demanding sort this morning. Beau:  I already said that. Me:  Ya. Ya. Whatever. What for? Beau:  Seriously? You're going to use sloppy English in a time like this? Me:  (sigh) What... Continue Reading →

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