Not Again!

Hello? Anybody there?  Ya. It’s me. Beaumont. On my own. She’s done it. Again. Taken off for parts unknown and left me behind. Sigh. What’s a dawg to do to get a little attention around here? Like I lay on top of her in an effort to keep her warm. I follow her all over... Continue Reading →

Eggs Easy Over Please

Beaumont:  Hey Lady. Know what time it is? Me:  Morning? Beaumont:  Breakfast time! Me:  I can't get up. Beau:  Why not? Me:  You're lying on top of me. Beau:  That's to wake you up. Me:  All right already. I'm awake. Beau:  Then, where's my breakfast? Me:  If you get off of me I'll get it for... Continue Reading →


Me:  Beaumont, that bench is for humans. Beau:  Well that's rather prejudicial of you isn't it? Me:  Prejudicial?  Well, aren't we being erudite. Beau:   I'm not some illiterate cad you know. Or maybe I should say cat. Me: Right. And unlike cats, you can read. Beau:  Yes. I know exactly what's written on this bench. Me: ... Continue Reading →

Cowabunga, Dude!

Beaumont:   Aaargh!  You're kidding, right?  You're not actually going to make me go outside in this get-up? Me:  It's cold outside. Beau:  Yeah?  Well it will be a cold day in hell before you take me out in public looking like this! Me:  I think you look kind of cute. Anyway, I don't want you... Continue Reading →

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa, It's me. Beaumont.  You know, the Sheepadoodle who sometimes wears reindeer ears just to please Louise. Believe me Santa. I am not trying to impersonate Prancer or even Rudolph. Honest. It's just ... well, you know what she's like! She's been on your naughty list often enough you gotta know it's her who... Continue Reading →

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