The Stick.

Me: Beaumont, must you carry the stick with the point part in your mouth? Beau: I wouldn't if be doing it if I had a ball in my mouth. Me: Regardless, why must you carry the stick? Beau: Because you didn't bring my ball. Me: I didn't bring your ball Beau because there's too much... Continue Reading →

The Somedays Promise

Beaumont: Good morning Louise. Time to rise and shine and get typing. Me: I just want to lie in bed another fifteen minutes Beau. I'm tired. Beau: And who's to blame for that? Me: Why would you want to lay blame for me trying to relax this morning, Beau? Beau: Well, it's Sunday morning and... Continue Reading →

Why so Serious?

Beaumont: Louise, I'm worried about you. Me: Why's that Beau? Beau: Well that's pretty obvious isn't it? Me: Not to me Beau. I'm not a mind reader. Beau: Seriously? You're going to use that lame argument? Me: Why is it lame? I'm just stating a fact. Beau: So if that's a fact, how is it... Continue Reading →

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