Just Do It Already!

Me: Beau. It's not polite to stick your tongue out. Beaumont: Louise. It's not polite to invite a she-cat into my home without first consulting me. Me: You would have said no, Zoey couldn't come and stay for the long weekend. Beau: My point exactly. Me: Which is why the 'forgiveness is the best course... Continue Reading →

The Hotties!

Tamara and Beau... Hot! Hot! Hot! Me: Beaumont! Are you two-timing me? Beau: Who me? Nevair! Me: It's Never, Beau. Not Nev'air'. Beau: Right. I'm glad you agree with me. I'd nevair two-time you. Me: That's not what I said, Beau. I said.... oh forget it. Beau: Ok. I will. Now... back to the question... Continue Reading →

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