Who? Me?

Me: Beaumont? Did you just do something to put yourself on Santa's naughty list? Beau: Who? Me? No. Never. Me: What's that between your paws? Beau: What? This ole' thing? I found it... Me: Found it? Beau: Yup. It was just lying there. Discarded. On the floor... Me: You mean under the Christmas tree. Beau:... Continue Reading →

Lookin’ Good!

Me: Beaumont. Why are you scowling? Beau: So you notice? Well that's a start. Me: Of course I notice. I notice everything about you. Beau: Right. So didn't you notice I wasn't keen on going to the hairdressers? Me: Oh. Well. It was for your own good. Beau: Have you ever noticed how people use... Continue Reading →

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