Dawg’s Don’t Do Rules

Me: Beaumont

Beau:  (innocently) W’az up?

Me:  Don’t you w’za up me. You know.

Beau: Know what?

Me:  There’s a ball on the bed.

Beau:  A ball? Hmmm….  I don’t see a ball.

Me:  I do.

Beau: Then close your eyes. Go back to sleep. You won’t see it anymore.

Me: I can’t. I’ll still know it’s there.

Beau: Then throw it on the floor.

Me: You know there’s a no ball throwing in the house rule.

Beau: Now that’s what we Dawgs call a ‘doggone dilemma’. Ball in the bed or throw it. Night. Night. I’m going back to sleep.

Sigh. There’s also a no dog sleeping on the bed rule but he seems to have conveniently forgotten that one too.



I am attempting to bring all the Beaumont conversations that I wrote on FB into the website so will occassionally post an old one.  This was originally on my FB page Aug 4th 2018.

He still does it, btw. Bring balls and yucky stuffies onto the bed.  He is incorrigible.  I think he takes after his dad. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dawg’s Don’t Do Rules

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  1. Well louise if the ball bothers you so much you can sleep on the couch and let Beaumont have the bed and the ball. Problem solved lmao 😂

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