Panda what?

Beaumont:  So. Let me get this straight. You’re staying close to home because there’s a bunch of pandas running wild across the globe.

Me:  That’s ‘pandemic’ Beau. Not pandas.

Beau: Well, whatever they’re called, you seem to be more interested in them than me.

Me:  How’s that Beau?

Beau:  Well, you don’t stay home for me much these days Louise.

Me:  Well, this is different.

Beau:  Why? Because pandas are cute?

Me:  (Sigh) It’s pandemic, Beau. Not cute pandas running around.

Beau:  So you admit it. Pandas are cute enough to stay home for.

Me:  What? No. I never said that.

Beau:  Yes you did. You said pandas are cute.

Me:  But that’s not what’s keeping me sticking close to home.

Beau:  So if it’s not the panda’s, what is it?

Me:   Pande… (sigh)  Wanting to limit the spread of the virus.

Beau:  What virus?

Me:  Covid-19.

Beau:  Covid who?

Me:  The virus that is causing the pandemic.

Beau:  So it’s not a bunch of pandas running wild?

Me:  Were you even listening to me?

Beau:  Do I ever?

Me:  Good point.

Beau:  So now that we’ve got that straightened out, can you please throw the ball?

Me:  Will you stop bothering me about the pandas?

Beau:  Will you stop worrying about the pandemic?

Me:  (sigh) I’m doing my best.

Beau:  It’s like throwing the ball, Louise. Worrying about throwing it, doesn’t help you throw it better. It just distracts you from the enjoyment of being here at the park with me, throwing the ball and watching me chase after it.

Me:  Yes, Yoda. I mean, Doga.

Beau:  Now you got it. So… are you going to throw the ball or am I going to have to sit here in the snow until some panda catches me?

Sigh. He really is incorrigible. But he does have a point. Worrying about a pandemic (or pandas running wild) doesn’t make much difference to the pandemic. It just steals my peace of mind and joy!


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