What About Me?

Hey my peeps!  It’s me.  I snuck onto her laptop and am pawing away at this here post ’cause, as you can see, she didn’t get to it this past Sunday.

I mean. Really. Right? Like… What’s up with that?

Apparently, she’s been busy playing with paint and poor l’il ole me had to take a back seat to her artistic urges.

I’d like to urge her to be a bit more conscientious about my needs but I don’t dare. She can exhibit the Double O Whammy when challenged if she’s deep into her creative process (as she likes to call it). and if you’re wondering, the Double O Whammy in Louise’s case is ‘Obtuse and Ornery’. Yeah. Little Miss Sunshine can be blind to the needs of others and grumpy when disturbed. But then, she’s always just a little bit disturbed. Am I right? Yeah. I knew you’d agree.

So anyway, where was I… oh right.

Here I am trying to paw on a keyboard built for hoomans and let me tell you, have I got a lot to tell ya’!

Like. I been swimming every day. She’s all worried ’cause the river’s high but my dad, he knows I can swim like a dolphin leaping through the waves so he throws the ball for me waaaayyy out there into the middle of the river and I leap and dash for it, swimming and swimming and everyone on shore always says what a great swimmer I am and all that. And they’re kinda right. I am a good swimmer.

Oh, and she’s booked me in for a summer buzz cut. Ugh. I’ll have to go through that ‘I’m so embarrassed phase’ that she thinks I’m going through every time she does this. I’m not but I do wonder, if she thinks the haircut is embarrassing, why does she do it?  You get my vibe?

But here’s the real reason I’m pounding away at the keys — she might not be posting my blogs for awhile. Apparently, the hooman daughter is about to pop another hooman baby and Louise wants to go to Vancouver and see the wee one. I know. She’s leaving me again.

Though come to think of it, one thing about COVID… she’s stayed home for a whole four months!  Yeah! Remarkable!

But anyway, back to the hooman baby, she apparently doesn’t plan on taking me with her to the coast. Sigh.

She also doesn’t plan on posting here while she’s gone. Sigh.

So… I’ll keep you posted as to what’s what. I might try to convince my dad to help out ’cause believe me, my paws get mighty tired trying to be so delicate on this here keypad!

But we’ll see. In the meantime. Thanks for all your notes inquiring into my well-being. I’m doin’ good. Just feelin’ the sadness that comes with having to type my own post because she forgot me and the pain of being left behind, again.

I keep asking her, “What about me?” and all she says is that it’s always, ‘all about me’. I mean.. is she serious? Like really. All about me? Then if that’s the case, how come I’m having to type my own blog?

Oh well. Thankfully, I’ve got all you peeps to keep my spirits ups. Please do keep your notes and comments coming. I really do appreciate y’all and sure do welcome your support!

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  1. Beaumont, you poor baby! You really don’t get it. You are living the life of Riley. Milk it for all you can, while you can. Think how smart and debonair you will look with your new stylized coiffure. You,’ll be the envy of the park crowd no doubt about it.
    This upcoming sojourn in Vancouver by your hooman is your chance to relax, take control of your doggydom, take advantage of your “Dad’s” undivided attenation.
    So, buck up my furry friend, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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    1. thanks Iwona! I knew I could count on you — and btw — the best part of being alone with my dad… he doesn’t care about the rules!!!! WooHoo! I get half the bed and he lets me eat my treats on it too! πŸ™‚


  2. Beau — you could come to my house while she goes away but I’m pretty sure my hard ass rules like no sleeping on the bed, no dogs allowed upstairs, no human food and rarely any treats would make you realize how good you have it! Even if you feel neglected.

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    1. Oh boy. I’d be in big trouble in your house! πŸ™‚

      At least, when Louise goes away, my dad throws out the rules! It’s just we two guys. Know what I mean?

      thanks for the offer though Bernie. I think I’ll suffer here in silence. Ok. Not silence. And little suffering.

      Sigh. Ok. I’ve got it better than I acknowledge… (my hooman is smiling) πŸ™‚


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