Give A Dawg Some Peace

Beaumont: Seriously. Who let the cat on the bed?

Me: Ummm… Beau. Who let the dawg on?

Beau: Ya but, I live here.

Me: Yabuts run in fields.

Beau: Oh my. Yabuts. Rabbits. Ha! Ha! You probably think you’re funny.

Me: Don’t you?

Beau: Nope.

Louise: Not even a little bit…?

Beau: Nope. Now, my friends Rod and Anne and Mitzi. Oh, and CeZar too! They’re funny. You… Well, let’s just say you could use some practice at fun and funny.

Me: You mean like how I didn’t think it was funny you ran through the invisible screen door yesterday.

Beau: See that word ‘invisible’ in front of screen door. How was I to know it was closed?

Me: You have stood at the door hundreds of times and waited for me to open it before going outside.

Beau: Ya but… C.C.’s sister and nieces weren’t here before.

Me: And that meant you had to barrel through it?

Beau: Look I said I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.

Me: Yeah. Well maybe you need to think before you act.

Beau: Seriously? YOU, the queen of acting before thinking are saying that to me?

Me: I always think before I act.

Beau: Oh really? Like the time you put your finger in the mixing bowl while the whirly things were still whirling?

Me: There was something in the batter that didn’t belong.

Beau: And you didn’t think to turn the whirly things off first?

Me: (sigh) Ok. Ok. I get it. But seriously. You blew the screen right out of the rail.

Beau: And you almost broke your finger.

Me: Ok. Ok. You win! Sometimes, I act without thinking.

Beau: Right. And sometimes, I get so excited to see hoomans I forget there’s an invisible screen door. Though why they call it invisible when it’s an actual thing is beyond me.

Me: Because you can barely see it.

Beau: Hence why I ran through it.

Me: But you could see the cat was on the bed when you got up on it this morning.

Beau: My house. My rules. Doesn’t matter whose on the bed, I get to be on the bed whenever I want.

Me: I don’t recall agreeing to that rule.

Beau: I didn’t ask if you agreed.

Me: Well, don’t I get some say on when you’re allowed on the bed?

Beau: Not since you gave me this ridiculous haircut. No.

Me: You’re still on about the haircut?

Beau: You’re still on about my running through the invisible screen door?

Me: You’ve got an answer for everything don’t you?

Beau: And your point is?

Me: Ummm…. I don’t have a point?

Beau: Now you’re getting it. And while you’re getting it, would you please get the cat off the bed? She’s in my spot.

Me: Beau. Be nice. She’s going home today.

Beau: I am nice. She’s the one who hisses at me and swats her little paw in my face.

Me: Well you do try to stick your nose up her butt.

Beau: Only because it’s safer than sticking it in her face.

Me: Right. Well. Just try to be nice for a few more hours and she’ll be gone.

Beau: As long as she stays out of my face we’ll be fine.

And so it goes. Life with Beau is always…. interesting. 🙂

Thank you to those who wrote to ask about his life and happenings, and your encouragement for him to come back to the page. He sure does appreciate you watching out for him… you know who you are… and so does he! 🙂 Y’all got a special place in his heart!

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