In a Word… No.

Beaumont: So… let me get this straight. You’re off to the coast again for two weeks. Without me.

Me: That would be right.

Beau: And you think that’s ok?

Me: I’m not sure it’s about ok or not ok Beau. It’s all about my grandchildren and my seeing them.

Beau: And what about me?

Me: What about you?

Beau: I’m your youngest child. I need you.

Me: Beau. You’ll be here with your dad. You’ll be able to watch hockey and eat cookies on the couch and I won’t be nagging you about crumbs and your dirty paws on the furniture.

Beau: I’m not sure why that’s an asset. I don’t listen to you when you do anyway.

Me: Right. Well, at least I’ll be saving my breath.

Beau: You could save wear and tear on your aging body by not having to drive out to the coast and spend two weeks with the rugrats.

Me: Beau. Don’t be petulant. They’re beautiful little people who make my heart happy. I want to do this. And anyway, are you calling me old?

Beau: In dawg years you’re absolutely ancient.

Me: Beau. Be nice.

Beau: I would be if you weren’t being so unnice as to leave me again. For two whole weeks.

Me: I’ll be back before you know it.

Beau: Yah? Well, how long is two weeks in dawg years anyway?

Me: Ummm…. I don’t know. Math’s not my thing.

Beau: And that’s my point. You have no concept of how two weeks is like a lifetime to a dawg.

Me: Now you’re exaggerating.

Beau: Now you’re being dismissive.

Me: Can we agree to disagree?

Beau: In a word… No.

Me: (sigh) Anything I can do to make it up to you?

Beau: Not go.

Me: Not happening.

Beau: Then… in a word… No.

Me: What if I bring you back a really good treat?

Beau: You think you can bribe me? Think again lady. I think I’ll just sit here and sulk and maybe, when you get back, I’ll keep sulking and give you my famous ole’ cold shoulder for awhile.

Me: How long’s awhile?

Beau: In dawg years? Lady, it’s a good thing you don’t do math. You couldn’t count that high!

Oh dear. I’m off to visit my daughter and her family for a couple of weeks again and Beau is not pleased.

Dang. I even arranged for him to go stay with his Uncle Al and Auntie Jane next weekend while C.C. is in a three day golf tournament.

Sigh. I think I’ll leave that up to C.C. to tell him. Best he not know it was my idea!

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  1. So, let me get this straight. Louise is going away for two weeks to visit family – Grandbabies, daughter, son-in-law, sister, and so on. You, my four-legged bundle of fur get to stay home, be spoilt (again!), visit with YOUR pal, Al. Does it not get any better? Then, Louise comes home and you get to train her (again!). What more is there to life?

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    1. I know this comment is late! I must have been so engrossed in the grandbabies I didn’t see any of them! Anyway — thanks for being so understanding of my needs Iwona.
      Beaumont says, Harrumph! 🙂


  2. oh boy…. he’s a bit of a grumpy dog, your Beau! I only know that my dog absolutely didn’t know or care for how long I was away. If *I* behaved as if I had only been down the road for eggs instead of 10 days abroad, she would do do her jumping dance and noisy greeting procedure in exactly the same overbearing way 😉
    Have a LOVELY and wonderful, restoring holiday and enjoy those kids.

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    1. I’m late responding Kiki — I missed all these comments! My apologies!

      Anyway… Beau is an expert of the cold shoulder. Seriously good at it! It takes about 3 days for him to come around!

      I know! What a sulker. But he’s so cute it’s hard to get upset. 🙂

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