The Squirrel Watcher

Me: Beaumont, I can’t sit at my desk.

Beaumont: What’s your point?

Me: Well, I just got up to get a glass of water and you moved in underneath my desk. Where am I supposed to sit?

Beau: On the couch?

Me: But I’m using my laptop.

Beau: And I’m guarding against marauding squirrels. Which is more important? You working on some video or whatever it is you’re doing that’s making you think going for a walk with me is not important. Or me keeping the yard squirrel free?

Me: Do you really want me to answer that?

Beau: Do you really need to?

Me: Probably not.

Beau: Smart girl. I have a job to do Louise. Let me do it.

Me: You know there’s a window between you and the squirrels. Right?

Beau: And you know your laptop is portable. Right?

Me: (sigh) Will you be there long?

Beau: (turning briefly to look at me before turning back to ‘his job’) Winter’s coming. Squirrels hibernate. Don’t hold your breath.

Me: Want to go for a walk?

Beau: I thought you’d never ask.

Sigh. And so, it goes. Beau sits under my desk and watches the world outside. The river flowing by. The leaves dancing in the wind. The Chickadees hopping amongst the branches. And the squirrels playing Tag! You’re it” in the trees.

Until I offer to do his favourite thing — go to the park. For some reason, keeping the yard squirrel free no longer matters then.

Go figure.

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