You Did What?

Beau: So… let me get this straight. You went for a walk with Jane. Without me.

Me: It wasn’t intentional Beau. I just sort of happened.

Beau: Then explain to me how this ‘just sort of happened’ walk happened.

Me: Well, I was dropping off your Christmas gift for Uncle Al and..

Beau: (interrupting me) Wait! What do you mean you were dropping of MY gift for Uncle Al?

Me: Remember. I ordered it in November and it just finally arrived last week? You wanted him to get it didn’t you? Someone had to take it to him.

Beau: Without me.

Me: Ummm… I had other errands to run.

Beau: So let me get this even straighter. You were dropping off MY gift to MY Uncle Al WITHOUT me and decided to go for a walk with Jane also WITHOUT me. Is that it?

Me: Yes. By dawg you got it!

Beau: I don’t got nothun’ ’cause I do not understand why you’d even think that dropping of MY gift to MY Uncle Al WITHOUT me was a good idea.

Me: It seemed like it at the time….?

Beau: (making a loud buzzer sound) MMMMEEEEEEEPPPPPP! Wrong answer.

Me: Ummm… what’s the right answer?

Beau: You honestly don’t know?

Me: Well… I’m afraid of giving the wrong answer ’cause that just make you even more upset.

Beau: Believe me, I couldn’t be more upset than if you told me you went on to visit my Uncle Jim.

Me: Well… that was the original plan…

Beau: Seriously? That was the plan! I am astounded by your lack of consideration of me Louise.

Me: I didn’t go to Uncle Jim’s that day. Remember? I took you the next day so you could give him your gift yourself.

Beau: Right. And you didn’t go the same day because…?

Me: I ran out of time.

Beau: And you ran out of time because…?

Me: You know the answer to that Beau.

Beau: Yes. But I want to hear you say it.

Me: You know. You would have fit right in during the Inquisition.

Beau: Haha! Very funny Louise. But not really. Now. Tell me why you ran out of time.

Me: Well. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs to the front door at Al and Jane’s and I’d left the gift at the top of the stairs and…

Beau: (interrupting me. Again!) Cut to the chase Louise. Why did you run out of time?

Me: Jane and I decided to go for a walk.

Beau: Ahhhh. And. Where did you walk?

Me: (mumbling) shriversmark

Beau: Excuse me. You’re mumbling. Could you speak more clearly please.

Me: Fine. We went to River Park.

Beau: The park I grew up in.

Me: Well. You didn’t really ‘grow up’ there Beau.

Beau: You know what I mean Louise. The park where I spent much of my youth exploring. Running around. Chasing the ball. Playing with other dawgs. Greeting all the people. That park.

Me: (sighing) Yes. Beau.

Beau: I see.

Me: What do you see?

Beau: I see I’m going to have to do some remedial work on your behaviour Louise. This is just simply unacceptable. I’m very disappointed in you.

Me: Oh dear. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

Beau: Well…. I could use a walk.

Me: We just came back from one!

Beau: Yes. But you know Louise… I can never get enough playtime at the park. And… remember that day you delivered MY Christmas gift to My Uncle Al and then WENT FOR A WALK AT RIVER PARK WITHOUT ME!!!

Me: You’re yelling Beau.

Beau: Nope. I’m just making my point. Emphatically. All in Caps. Now about that walk. How about we go to River Park today and you make it up to me?

Me: Can I invite Jane?

Beau: As long as you keep your social distance and throw the ball until I tell you to stop, you can invite the whole dang park.

Me: You know I think you’re taking this a bit over-dramatically?

Beau: I don’t care how you think I’m taking it as long as you take me to River Park. Today.

Me: Fine. I will.

And so, Beau goes for another walk right after his last. Sigh. Oh well. At least I got an extra 5,000 steps in – that has to count for something. Right. Now. If I could just count on Beau to lose the attitude. (Waiting for a miracle. waiting for a miracle… waiting for a miracle….)

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  1. πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€© some (Sun)days Beau just drives me crazy. He’s even more intolerable sometimes than my family…. (and that means a lot)
    Louise, don’t let him dominate you. For that purpose God created cats! Tell Beaumont!!!! I mean it.

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  2. Hahaha! I get the “look” from Zeke when I go for a walk without him… Once I’ve done my steps then I take him ’round the block – coz that’s all he can handle now, the old boy.

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      1. I thought Zeke would never get them but… Alas… He is 11 and feeling it in his hips, poor fella.

        That look. He comes up to me and puts his face into my bubble! Very intensely! 😳

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      2. I remember when Ellie, my wonder pooch, got to that point where her hips didn’t like long walks. So hard to see and even worse when she did that same thing – pleading with me to take her for a ‘romp’ – and sometimes, she’d forget her age and act like a puppy and I’d think, oh goodie! And then, we’d be back to short walks — and always loads and loads of love. Oh. And always… that look! πŸ™‚ ❀ Hugs Dale.


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