Where’s my gift?

Me: C’mon Beau. We’ve got to get up.

Beau: Why? I’m cosy.

Me: We’ve got Wilma’s birthday party to go to at the park.

Beau: Whaaatttt???? A party! Why didn’t you say so!

Me: I just did.

Beau: Haha. Yeah. I know. But why didn’t you say so early so I could have put on a tux and maybe brushed my hair.

Me: Oh don’t worry about that. I was thinking of putting on your coat.

Beau: The cow coat!!!!!!!

Me: Yeah. The cow coat.

Beau: Not happening.

Me: But it’s cold outside.

Beau: I repeat. Not happening.

Me: Fine. But can you please get up. You’re heavy.

Beau: Not until you pinkie-paw swear… You. Will. Not. Put. That. Cow. Ugliness. On. Me.

Me: I already said I wouldn’t.

Beau: Yeah. But when it comes to making me look ridiculous… I don’t trust you.

Me: Beau. That’s not nice.

Beau: Putting that atrocity on me is not nice either.

Me: Fine. I pinkie-paw swear.

Beau: Good. Now…. did you get me a gift?

Me: To give Wilma. Yes.

Beau: Good. And…

Me: And what?

Beau: Did you get me a gift?

Me: Why would I get you a gift. It’s not your birthday.

Beau: Louise. You said you always get a gift for the sibling just to prevent sibling rivalry.

Me: You and Wilma aren’t siblings.

Beau: Then why do you always say we’re going to the park to meet my sister?

Me: That’s just what I say.

Beau: Well… if you say it you must mean it so… where’s my gift?

Me: Going to the park?

Beau: Nope. That’s just what we do.

Me: I forgot?

Beau: Hmmm… well then, I might just forget how to play nice with my non-sister.

Me: Beau! You wouldn’t!

Beau: True. I wouldn’t, ’cause I’m that kind of dawg. Gracious to the end. You on the other hand Louise… well let’s just say the juries out…

Me: Maybe LiLi will have party favours!

Beau: You better hope your daughter is a better mom than you Louise, that’s all I can say!

And so Beau and I are off to the party — and yes… there will be party favours…. I stopped at Bon-Pet-Treat Pet Bakery to pick up the cutest doggie birthday biscuits yesterday… and I got him a gift too — I was just trying to see how he’d respond to ‘no gift’.

Beau: You know I’m still reading Louise, right?

Me: ooops. Sorry I forgot.

Beau: Ha! Like the gift you didn’t forget/

Ooops. Caught me!

And PS — I did not make him wear ‘the coat’. Well actually… he refused to wear the coat is more like it but hey! I like to believe I’m in charge.

Beau: Still reading! And still in charge! πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh that damn ‘cow-coat’… can Beau tug the coat off himself…. my little doggie, Lily, didn’t like her coat either… and she would always pull it off herself, when I wasn’t looking…. and I would have to double back to find it….. or.. embarrassingly so, other doggie walkers in the park, would be running after me with Lily’s coat in their dogs mouth….

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      1. Oh dear; I was just going to ask Beau When He Thinks He Might Now Be A Grown-Up…. when I clicked on that link and I have to say: I’m fully with him – I couldn’t stop laughing and I got the dirty look of Hero Husband who was fighting good-naturedly with a co-worker on Team/Skype/Zoom/Whatever – but honestly -WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
        This is good enough for Halloween or a Christmas Party but he’d seriously loose all street cred being seen like this in the park…..
        In short – I rest my case – I need to go and have another look – and another laugh!

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      2. haha! Now I’m laughing and Beau is jumping around in circles – -he’s soooooooo on your side.

        Sigh. Fine. I’ll …. think about a new coat for him — but seriously? Don’t you think he looks a little bit cute? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Okay. Okay. I get it! Street cred wins!

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