A Little Privacy Please!

Beaumont: I don’t get it.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Why I can’t come in.

Me: I’m going to the bathroom Beau. I would like to go alone.

Beau: You don’t let me go alone.

Me: That’s different.

Beau: Different how?

Me: Well… you go outside. There’s no door.

Beau: BNNNNNNEEEEEEHHHH! (that’s the sound of the ‘get off the stage’ buzzer coming out of his nose) Try again.

Me: I like my privacy?

Beau: And I don’t?

Me: Oh. Do you?

Beau: I don’t know. I’ve never had it.

Me: Well… that’s because I have to clean up after you and …. oh dear… it’s really hard to explain.

Beau: Try harder.

Me: (taking a deep breath) Well… you’re a dawg and you do your business outside and…

Beau: (interrupting me) Have you ever given me a chance to learn to do it inside?

Me: Ummm…. Well…. No….

Beau: So how do you know I can’t do it inside?

Me: Like… on the toilet?

Beau: Yeah. Like on the toilet. Have you ever given me a chance to learn how to do that?

Me: Well…. No.

Beau: Why not?

Me: Um…. you’re a dawg Beau. Dawgs don’t use toilets.

Beau: Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we did?

Me: Umm…. Oh man Beau. I don’t have an answer.

Beau: Then I rest my case. I’m coming in.

And so he did. As he always does. It’s like having a perpetual 2-year-old in the house. Where ever I go, he goes. Fortunately, like a 2-year-old he’s really cute and when he gives me that ‘look’ I can’t resist. Sigh. Perhaps I’m the one who needs better training? πŸ™‚

Beau: I’m still reading Louise. And I do not disagree about your need for training.

Me: How nice. (under my breath) Not.

Beau: I read that too. Now close the door so we can have some privacy.

And I close the door and life with Beau goes on… his way…

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  1. OMG – Beaumont, really! What are you thinking!? Don’t you want some alone time? Take advantage of a closed door, even for a few minutes. Think of the mischief you could get into in those valuable “eyes free” moments. Need I say more! Get with the programme!

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    1. Tee hee! What???? You don’t think he’s actually saying those things? πŸ™‚ I kind of think he might be my alter ego — you know the flippant and irreverent and somewhat sarcastic me I can only let out to play in a dog’s voice… πŸ™‚


  2. I so knew that situation! But tell you what; you don’t need a dog for having no privacy – a husband can do that just as well. We have a mini room (Beau wouldn’t even have enough place to crouch next to me) w/o a window, when you sit, you can just about close the door (no sliding doors, that would be a luxury) but usually we don’t as it’s just the two of us and we would have to put the strong lights on…… you get the picture. Guess who has an ‘urgent question’ or remark every 2nd time I need the loo? And every time I say ‘can I have a moment of privacy’ HH goes ‘o yes, of course, sorry’ – until next time!
    When I had my dachsie and was heavily pregnant, I tried to train her to pee in the bathtub, on newspaper – it was a hopeless effort. But IF we could get them to use a toilet, THAT WOULD BE GRAND. I would very much like that. Beau is a clever boy – maybe you can teach him. Or maybe not! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


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