Beau’s A Poet… Don’t You Know It?

There once was a dawg named Beau
whose hair did grow and grow
until one day
his mom had her way
and Beau got shaved, 
like a recruit on his first day
and suddenly the wind don’t blow
through his fur, oh no
and the girls don't coo
like they used to do.

Now this shaggy dawg is no more
his hair has gone the way of the Dodo
but don’t you laugh, no don’t you dare
‘cause hair or no hair 
Beau’s got it all goin’ on with flare
and the girls still stare
and his admirers still declare
You’re a great lookin’ dawg Mr. Beau.

So the moral of this tale
is easy to regale
it’s not the length of the hair
or colour of his fur
that makes Beau shine
and prance all the time
it’s the attitude he carries
no matter where he dallies
‘cause Beau the Top Dawg
who even writes a blog
is a poet too!    

The End.

Hey peeps! It’s me. Poet Boy Beau.

My mom says this is National Poetry Month so I stole on here and wrote a poem all by myself. Pretty cool. yeah?

Anyway, she hasn’t left me alone to go visit those little ones…. yet — something about a mirror hitting her head and giving her a gash and a black eye too.

But that’s okay. What’s a dawg gonna do but love her even when she’s all black and blue.

I know. I’m kind likin’ this poetry gig.

But hey! She’ll be back telling my stories full of all the gory…. details (sorry. it’s the only way I could think of to rhyme with ‘stories’).

So… Happy Easter y’all.

And Happy National Poetry Month too!

Oh ya. And here’s one more lil’ one. You know I couldn’t resist right? ‘Cause Louise is always quotin’ that rhyme thingy from when she was a kid about being a poet ’cause your feet sure show it. They’re long fellows… yeah. well. I don’t got a clue what that means other than it kinda inspired me to write one more….

Beau’s a poet

but his paws don’t show it

’cause he’s no longa

a hairy longfella

6 thoughts on “Beau’s A Poet… Don’t You Know It?

Add yours

  1. Hello Louise,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your accident. It appears Beau is taking very good care of you. I hope your recovery goes well and that you were able to enjoy a Happy Easter.


    Sent from my iPad

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  2. Dear Beau, you have done it again. Your “dawg-delightful” poetry was the highlight of my Sunday evening reading hour. And that ‘do! Summer must be around the corner – looking good.
    Happy Easter!

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