Sunday’s with Beaumont. Beginnings.

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Photo by Alexis Maledy

Beaumont the Sheepadoodle came into our home July 1st, 2015. He’d already climbed into our hearts and taken up residence when we met him in early June at the breeders in a town called, Beaumont, Alberta. Yup. That’s how he got his name. My husband, daughters and I couldn’t all agree on a name, until someone said we should name him after the town in which he was born. The appellation stuck.

From the very beginning he was cuddly and affectionate, loving most to be as close as possible to his humans as he could get.

We took him to his first off-leash experience when he was 3 months old and that’s when I discovered just how much Beaumont had to teach me about life and living fearlessly.

Beaumont’s happy place is at the park, off leash, running free, playing with all his friends. No matter their size, colour, breed, dog’s get along. They have an innate ability to detect a dog of similar age, regardless of size, and intuitively fall into a play pattern that accommodates any discrepancy in girth and stature to allow for a joyful game of wrestle, chase and roll.

Watching puppies play is fun. Watching their owners watching their puppies at play is even more fun!

We stand in groups of two or three, watching our canines roll and rumble, talking about their strengths, their idiosyncrasies and the sometimes not so great things they do. We commiserate, share tips and the not so great advice we’ve received on how to avoid household messes, chewed up slippers and other losses of puppydom.

And all the while, our pups are oblivious to us watching them. They are 100% immersed in the joy of play as we stand watching and laughing and commenting on how we wish the world could operate like dogs at a park. Fluid. Fun. Friendly.

Dogs meet. Sniff. Play a little. Move on. Meet. Sniff. Play a little. Move on. They check out a smell here, a butt there without too much concern for whose butt is whose. They don’t really care what their humans think. They are totally consumed with being present in the now, experiencing everything that is going on, soaking up every ounce of joy in the moment.

Watching Beaumont play with his friends has taught me many things about rules for being a dog and even more — how to be a better human.

This blog is about sharing some of the amazing things Beau (as we like to call him for short) has taught me about living a contented life. Because, while some may say dog’s can’t talk, Beaumont begs to differ.

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