Breaking rules and other habits.

Beaumont:   Whaaaat?

Me:  Beau, you know you’re not supposed to beg for food.

Beau:  I wasn’t begging. Auntie Annie offered.

Me:  And you know better than to accept.

Beau:  Says who?

Me:  (sigh)  Me?

Beau:  Right. Anyone else?

Me:  Beau. Be polite.

Beau:  I am being politeShe’s a guest. I’m just being polite in accepting what she offers. You want me to be rude?

Me:  I want you to follow house rules.

Beau:  Ha! Well that’s not happening.

Me:  Why not?

Beau:  I told you. She’s a guest. Anyway. Maybe you should talk to her about disobeying house rules.

Me:  Like that’s going to make a difference. She’as incorrigible as you are.

Beau:  Is incorrigible something I can eat?

Me:  Definitely not. It pertains to your shared habit of breaking rules.

Beau:  Well then, that’s definitely a good habit for us to share. (turning back to my sister) Can I have another cracker please?


Sigh.  My sister is visiting from Gabriola Island. She doesn’t believe in following the rules, at least not where Beau’s concerned. But then, neither does he.

beau's pawprint & Louise


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