Oh Dawg! Do you have to hug me?

Beaumont:  Seriously?  How long do I have to lay here?

Me:   Beau.  Tamara’s just giving you a hug. Be nice.

Beau:   I’d rather she gave me a treat.

Me:  She just did.

Beau:  Yeah. But she didn’t say it came with a hug.

Me:  I thought you liked hugs?

Beau:  I do. But I like to protect my image more.

Me:  And… what image would that be?

Beau:  Well.  Read my blog. I’m a cool kind of dude. The chicks dig me. But it’s always on my terms. Now, they’re all going to see me lying here getting a hug and they’re going to think I’m a sap.

Me:  What if they just think you’re a sensitive kind of guy?

Beau:  Sensitive is for losers.

Me:  Beau…

Beau:  Whatever. But you’re going to post the photo and then, dawg gone it. I’m going to have to explain to the guys at the park that she hugged me against my will.

Me:  You could just get up you know.

Beau:  Now where’d the fun be in that? This way I’m bound to get another treat.

And he was right. He got another treat.

My friend Tamara came over to paint with me today. Beau got a lot of treats. But he did draw the line at more hugs. Apparently a dawg’s got his reputation to protect.

beau's pawprint & Louise

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