Baby, it’s cold outside

Me:   Beaumont. We have to go.

Beau:  I’m not ready.

Me:  It’s freezing out here. It’s time to go.

Beau:  How can you be cold? You’re dressed up like you’re ready for the North Pole.

Me:  It feels like the North Pole out here.

Beau:  Well. If you’re dressed for it why do we have to go?

Me:  Because ‘baby, it’s cold outside.’

Beau:  I’m not the baby. You are. I’m quite happy to stay a little longer.

Me:  Not happening. I don’t want you freezing your paws.

Beau:  I’m tough.

Me:  Even you are not tough enough to withstand minus sub Arctic.

Beau:  One more ball throw. Please.

Me:  And then we go.

Beau:  If you insist.

Me:  I do.

Beau:  You know you’re a wuss.

Me:  I don’t care. It’s time to go.

Beau:  Don’t forget you promised me one more throw of the ball.

Me:  You’ve got to drop it already.

Me dressed up for the North Pole.

Beau:  (dropping the ball at my feet)  Make it a good throw. Not one of those wussie one’s you always do.

Me:  Fine. One throw. Wussie or not. Then we go.

Beau:  Fine. But I’m warning you. It better be good.

Sigh.  I kinda, sorta, maybe… just possibly…. think I won that one… Though I did end up throwing the ball a couple of more times than I wanted. It was the only way to get him to the car!  (and quite frankly, the first throw was rather pathetic! Or at least that’s what Beaumont said.)  

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