Harrumph. So you’re away. Again.

Beaumont:  So.  The little guy’s replaced me again.

Me:    Beau.  He hasn’t replaced you. We’re just away visiting for his birthday.

Beaumont:  And you didn’t think to take me?

Me:  Now that you mention it. No we didn’t.

Beaumont:  I rest my case. The little guy’s replaced me again.

Me:  (Sigh.)  There’s no changing your mind is there?

Beaumont:  You wouldn’t have to change my mind if you didn’t run off to his birthday party and leave me alone.

Me:  We didn’t leave you alone. You’re with Jane and Al.

Beaumont:  Yup.  They love me.

Me:  We love you too!

Beaumont:  Prove it. Stop going off on adventures without me.

Me:  I can’t promise you that.

Beaumont:  And I can’t promise to come home from Al & Jane’s.  They’re really nice to me.

Me:  You have to come home. We miss you.

Beaumont:  As I said. Prove it.

Sigh.  I can’t win.  it was our grandson’s first birthday. We went to visit.  According to Beau, that’s not a good enough reason to leave him.

When I text Jane to ask how he was doing, she responded for him, “I’m being good. I don’t know any other way to be.”

Right.  Sure. I believe it.

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