And So…. The Day Begins

Beau: Can I just say something?

Me: You’re sitting on my chest. Do I have a choice?

Beaumont: No. Anyway. It is 8am already and you are still not up. What’s a dog to do to get your attention?

Me: Well sitting on me works.

Beaumont: Good I need to go out.

Me: Ask your dad.

Beaumont: He’s sleeping.

Me:  And I wasn’t?

Beaumont: You were just faking it.

Me:  I was? How can you be so sure?

Beaumont: I saw your eyelids flutter.

Me: Harrumph. You know I can’t get up with you sitting on me.

Beaumont: If you promise not to pretend to go back to sleep, I’ll get off you

Me: I promise.

Beaumont: Pinkie swear.

Me: You don’t have pinkies.

Beaumont: And you don’t have a lot of choice Because if you don’t get up, I might do something you regret.

Sigh.  And so… The Day Begins.


This was one of the original Beaumont stories that I started writing on my FB page.  From time to time I shall be inserting them here so that I have them all in one spot. 🙂

Thanks for following along with us!  Beaumont gives you a High Five.

2 thoughts on “And So…. The Day Begins

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  1. Hi Beau, My name is Simon….. don’t faint when I tell you I am a cat….. I too have communication issues with my human. Trying to get her to understand that when I want something now it means NOW not 3 seconds from now. Five seconds means my priorities have changed. My human met your human over the weekend and I heard about your blog. Hopefully you can help me as much as your human helped mine. meow meow ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Simon, my human is having trouble typing as she is laughing so hard she is crying. However, I’m stepping on her big toe to get to pay attention so hopefully that works.

      Nice to meet you. For a cat you sound like a pretty cool dude.

      As I like to tell my human, there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just a human whose had bad training. I think the same may be true for cats.

      I look forward to more chats. Your dawg-bud, Beau.


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