And So…. The Day Begins

Beau: Can I just say something?

Me: You’re sitting on my chest. Do I have a choice?

Beaumont: No. Anyway. It is 8am already and you are still not up. What’s a dog to do to get your attention?

Me: Well sitting on me works.

Beaumont: Good I need to go out.

Me: Ask your dad.

Beaumont: He’s sleeping.

Me:  And I wasn’t?

Beaumont: You were just faking it.

Me:  I was? How can you be so sure?

Beaumont: I saw your eyelids flutter.

Me: Harrumph. You know I can’t get up with you sitting on me.

Beaumont: If you promise not to pretend to go back to sleep, I’ll get off you

Me: I promise.

Beaumont: Pinkie swear.

Me: You don’t have pinkies.

Beaumont: And you don’t have a lot of choice Because if you don’t get up, I might do something you regret.

Sigh.  And so… The Day Begins.


This was one of the original Beaumont stories that I started writing on my FB page.  From time to time I shall be inserting them here so that I have them all in one spot. 🙂

Thanks for following along with us!  Beaumont gives you a High Five.

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