Dog time is now.

Beaumont:  Excuse me?  You’ve come back to bed. What’s with this?

Me:  Well.  We had a late night. I got up early to clean up the kitchen from our dinner party and now I need a nap.

Beaumont:  And I’m just supposed to lie here and take it?

Me:  I’d prefer it if you didn’t lie right on top of me….

Beaumont:  I want to go to the park.

Me:  Later.

Beaumont:  It is later.

Me:  I took you out earlier. You’ll be fine waiting to go to the park.

Beaumont:  I’ll miss my friends if we go later.

Me:  There’ll be other dogs there to play with regardless of what time we go.

Beaumont:  You know you’re selfish. Right?

Me:  Why am I the selfish one?  Your dad hasn’t even gotten up yet. Why don’t you bug him?

Beaumont:  Because I’m lying on you.

Me:  Right.  And that makes sense because….?

Beaumont:  He’s sleeping.

Me:  Well I’d like to sleep right now.

Beaumont:  And I’d like to go to the park right now.

Me:  Give me an hour. Ok?

Beaumont:  15 minutes.

Me:  45 minutes.

Beaumont:  Half an hour and that’s my final offer.

Me:  Fine. (laughing to myself because I know he can’t tell time.)

Beaumont:  And don’t think just because I can’t tell time I won’t know when half an hour is up. I’ll just keep lying on top of you until you give up and take me.

Sigh.  And he was right. Half an hour later, there we were, at the park.

Maybe I’ll go for a nap now!

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