It’s All About Cats and Dogs.

Me:  Beaumont. Leave the cat alone.

Beau:  Maybe if she wasn’t here I wouldn’t be so pestered by her and you wouldn’t have to be reminding me to leave her alone.

Me:  She’s only here for the weekend.

Beau:   I thought I told you I didn’t want her to come back after the last time.

Me:  I thought you were joking.

Beau:  I never joke about cats.

Me:  Be nice.

Beau:   I try. She just keeps hissing at me.

Me:  Well, maybe being nice in this case means just ignoring her.

Beau:  She won’t let me.

Me:  Don’t blame her for your bad behaviour.

Beau:  How is it I’m the ‘bad dawg’ when all I do is walk past her and she hisses.

Me:  Shes the guest.

Beau:  It’s my home.

Me:  And I repeat. She’s the guest.

Beau:  She acts like she owns the place.

Me:  Beau. It’s just for the weekend.

Beau:  Is it over yet?

Me:  Soon.

Beau:  Well maybe I’ll go visit my buddy Rod the next time she comes.

Me:  And how do you plan on getting there?

Beau:  Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Me:  Well then… maybe you should apply that motto to getting along with the cat.

Beau:  All I got to say to that is, ain’t no will which means, there ain’t No Way.

Sigh.  One of our daughter’s has left her cat with us for the weekend. Beau is not impressed. I don’t think Zoey is either for that matter.

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