This Dawg’s Got Too Much Sense

Beaumont:  Um…. just because you spent the day yesterday as a wild dandelion woman doesn’t mean I have to become a dandelion pooch today!

Me:  C’mon Beau! Where’s your sense of adventure?

Beau:  I left it on the couch when you made me get up and come for a walk at this undawgly hour this morning.

Me:  It’s not that early.

Beau:  Maybe in human years. In dog years it’s like zero am.

Me:  There’s no such time as zero am.

Beau:  When you’re a human. To a dawg, zero am is that time of day when a nap is all that’s needed to make the day perfect. Which is pretty well all day.

Me:  It’s a beautiful morning. I thought it’d be great for us to get out early.

Beau:  You forgot to ask me.

Me:  You’re always up for a walk.

Beau:  Do you know how much napping time I missed yesterday because you and your wild dandelion women were making crazy in my  house?

Me:  Our house. And anyway, we weren’t making crazy. We were being creative.

Beau:  Call it whatever you want, you disturbed my nap time.

Me: (sarcastically)   So sorry.

Beau:  Well you should be. A dog needs his beauty rest.

Me:  Well it doesn’t seem to have affected you. Missing your naptime yesterday. You look beautiful surrounded by dandelions.

Beau:  Right. I can see the headline now. Sheepadoodle  falls dead of exhaustion in a weed patch. 

Me:  Don’t be so dramatic.

Beau:  Right. And you and your wild ladies weren’t being dramatic yesterday throwing eggs and howling at the sky?

Me:  You weren’t supposed to be watching.

Beau:  Well it’s hard not to when you go down to the river and leave me behind.

Me:  Ohhh. So that’s what this is all about. You’re sulking because I didn’t take you with us.

Beau:  I’m not sulking. I’m claiming my righteous indignation.

Me:  Oh my. We are being dramatic.

Beau:  And I repeat. You weren’t being dramatic throwing eggs and howling at the sky?

Me:  That’s different. We were releasing the past and claiming our right to joy and freedom, love and beauty today.

Beau:  Uh huh. So let’s just say, I’m claiming my righteous indignation today.

Me:  (sigh)  Fine. Do you want to go home now?

Beau:  Well, now that we’re here at the park I’d rather you threw the ball.

Me:  Oh dear. I forgot the ball.

Beau:  Right. So first you make me get up early for a walk. Then you make me sit in a weed patch and now you’re telling me you forgot the ball?  I may just move from righteous indignation to pure disappointment

Me:  Do you want to howl at the sky? I’ll howl with you.

Beau:  No thanks. Only crazy women howl at the sky. This dawg’s got too much sense.


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