Don’t bother coming home. I’m having a good time

Photo by Tamz

Me: Well you look rather happy.

Beaumont: That’s because I am.

Me:  You’re welcome.

Beau:  What for?

Me:  I’m the one who suggested to your dad he ask Tamz to come and stay with you while he came out to the coast to join me.

Beau:  Well that was a no-brainer.

Me:  He could have put you in a kennel.

Beau:  I doubt it. He’s not like that.

Me:  Well… I’m glad to see you’re having a good time.

Beau:  Sure you are.

Me:  Honest. I am.

Beau:  Right. And that’s why you left me for a month?

Me:  I’m coming home a few days early.

Beau:  Why bother? Tamz and I are having a great time together. You may as well keep galivanting around the country. It’s not like I missed you or anything.

Me:  Beau… I missed you.

Beau:  Could have fooled me! You never even called.

Me:  That’s not true. I did. You wouldn’t look at the phone when I was talking to your dad. You just ignored me.

Beau:  I was busy.

Me:  What? Sleeping?

Beau:  Well I’m not going to drop everything just because you called!

Me:  You could have at least looked up from your nap.

Beau:  That would have ruined the effect of napping.

Me:  Well, I’ll be home tonight.

Beau:  Good for you.

Me:  Aren’t you just a little bit excited to see me?

Beau:  Not particularly. I’m quite happy with my girlfriend Tamz.

Me:  Don’t be so insensitive.

Beau:  Oh lady. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until you get home and I give you the cold shoulder.

Me:  You wouldn’t do that.

Beau:  Wait and see. Wait and see.

Sigh.  C.C. and I are on our way home. I’ve been away for a month (I know — I haven’t been keeping up to date with Beau’s conversations) — but I’ve been visiting my grandson and daughter, my sister, friends, wineries, walking beaches, playing in the sun. All in all, having a wonderful time. 

I’m just kind of worried what I’m going to come home to. When I facetimed with C.C. before he came out to join me last week, Beau wouldn’t even look at me on the phone!  

Oh well, we’ll be home tonight — a few days earlier than I planned but C.C. has a commitment tomorrow he needs to keep so we’re finishing off our drive today. And then, life will find its daily rhythm and flow again!

It’s been a wonderful journey — and now, I’m soooo ready to get home — and to see Beau of course!

Grateful for family and friends who took care of our boy when C.C. flew out to drive home with me.  I think he got kind of spoiled. As always.

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