You move. You lose.

Me:  Excuse me…  I just got up to get a coffee. I was planning on coming back to bed.

Beau:  You move. You lose.

Me:  Beaumont. I’d like to come back to bed please. I was planning on spending an hour reading this morning.

Beau:  Hey lady. You took off for a month. I claimed this space.

Me:   And I’m back now.

Beau:  And your point is?

Me:  Well…. I live here too. It’s my bed.

Beau:  Nope. My dad and I decided it’s our bed, and we’ll share it with you when we want. This morning, I do not want.

Me:  But I want to come back to bed.

Beau:  Don’t you have a kitchen to clean? Remember all the frivolity last night? When you sat out on the deck and I was left in the house, on my own, because you said I was being a pest? Remember?

Me:  I didn’t call you a pest.

Beau:  Really?  Shall we call a couple of your guests and ask them?

Me:  Is that what this is about? You’re upset you had to sit inside while we were out on the deck?

Beau:  Guess you’ll just have to figure it out. Now quiet. I’m trying to sleep here.

And so it was, Beau and C.C. had a nice lay in this morning and I gave up the idea of an hour reading in bed and took my coffee back to the kitchen.

It was a wonderful evening, and honest, I did not call him a pest.  Okay, maybe once… or twice… when he tried to climb up onto the couch on the deck and there was no room for him. But seriously… doesn’t he know his place? Right. Who am I kidding? His place is where ever he wants!

At least I got the kitchen cleaned up!  🙂

beau's pawprint & Louise

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