Excuses. Excuses.

Beaumont:  You know this is Monday, right?

Me:  Yes.

Beaumont:  So, you also know you’re a day late posting my story.

Me:  Yes. Well. I was busy getting an early Thanksgiving dinner ready for 10 people.

Beau:  Excuses. Excuses.

Me:  Well… I am the curator of this blog. I think I can decide to miss a day here or there.

Beau:  And I’m the star of this blog, which means, I decide when you miss a day here or there.

Me:  Wait a minute. You’re not the boss of me.

Beau:  Seriously? You’re going to use that line?  It’s not very mature.

Me:  Well… um… thinking you’re the boss of me isn’t very… comforting.

Beau:  Your comfort is not of concern to me. Though, I must say, my comfort and happiness should be of great concern to you. And posting a day late does not make me feel comfortable with your capacity to do your job right. Nor does it make me very happy, btw.

Me:  (defiantly. I may even have stomped my foot like a five-year-old.) I can’t change the fact I didn’t post yesterday because I was so busy.

Beau:  Perhaps if you did a better job of your time management you wouldn’t have encountered the problem.

Me:  Well maybe if you weren’t such a taskmaster I wouldn’t have to worry about my time management.

Beau:  Oh Louise. You poor human. You need to worry about time because time’s a flyin’ and you ain’t getting any younger.

Me:  Excuse me? How did my not posting yesterday suddenly become about my age?

Beau:  Hey! You mess up. I point out your messes. That’s my job and I’m good at my job.

Me:  Then what’s my job?

Beau:  Making sure you post on Sundays. Oh. And ensuring you do everything humanly possible to guarantee my comfort and happiness.

Me:  (sarcastically) Right. I’ll get right on that.

Beau:  Good idea. Now, go make me some lunch and get me some freshwater. My dish is empty.

Sigh.  I’m a day late, but seriously, I was busy!  Why is it the world seems to revolve around that hound? Oh right. Because he says so! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Excuses. Excuses.

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  1. She better have given you a turkey meal for thanksgiving as well. And if she didn’t you might have to pee in her favourite boots to show your displeasure. Lol I’m a bad influence

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  2. Hi Beaumont! It was such a delight to spend Sunday evening with you as we all enjoyed a delicious early Thanksgiving Dinner, most interesting conversation/discussion, esp about the evolving cannibus producing industry. And almost not a word about the Trumpster!
    So dear Beaumont, please don’t feel put out that your personal blog was deferred to Monday. We got to see you on Sunday and got a beautiful photo on Monday.

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    1. Dear Ms Iwona. I appreciate your speaking up in support of Louise, but really, during all that conversation and dinner, did anyone think to invite me to the table. Dawggone it, she didn’t even make me a nametag!


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