You’re going away. Again.

Beaumont:  So. Let me get this straight. You’re going away for a week. Again.

Me:  You got it.

Beau:  No. I don’t got it. I do not get why you’re going away. Again.

Me:  Well.  I’m taking a course. And it’s in Toronto. Not here.

Beau:  What. They don’t teach courses here?

Me:  Not this one.

Beau:  Then I think you should have found a different course.

Me:  But I’m excited about this one.

Beau:  I’m sure you could get just as excited about a course in Calgary.

Me:  Beau. Don’t be difficult.

Beau:  Oh lady, lady. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until you get home.

Me:  Oh dear. Are you going to give me the cold shoulder?

Beau:  Try the cold everything.

Me:  Do you have to be like that?

Beau:  Do you have to go away. Again?

Me:  Fine. Be however you want.

Beau:  I intend on it.

Sigh.  I am off to an Embodied Present Process workshop and feeling excited, filled with anticipation and angst – it is all part of this journey to be ever more present in life to live fully alive – but of course, it means I won’t be present with Beau, who as always, takes exception to my absence. Oh well. I’m sure by the time of my homecoming he will have forgotten all about my absence and greet me with his normal verve and fervor. I hope. 

Good thing he’s not an elephant. He’d never let me forget I’ve been away. Again.

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