So much doodoo.

Beaumont:  Oh man, lady. You are in such doodoo I don’t think you’ll ever get out from under it!

Me:  Why’s that?

Beau:  As if you don’t know.

Me:  Remember. I’m just a mere human. And a woman at that. Spell it out for me.

Beau:  Playing dumb doesn’t become you.

Me:  I’m not playing dumb. I’m just trying to not assume I know what you’re talking about.

Beau:  Whether you assume or not, you’re still going to look like an ass.

Me:  Beaumont. Don’t be rude.

Beau:  And you don’t think it’s rude to miss writing my blog two Sundays in a row?

Me:  I didn’t miss two.

Beau:  Lady. You need to go back to school to learn how to count.

Me:  Oh oh. (checking the post dates) You’re right.

Beau:  You sound surprised. Of course I’m right. It’s just doggone shameful you think it’s okay to just take off and not do your job.

Me:  It was an accident.

Beau:  Would you accept it’s an accident if I forget my manners and pee on the floor.

Me:  Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not the same thing.

Beau:  Well you got that right. I pee outside out of respect. Not posting my blog is a form of disrespect.

Me:   That’s a bit harsh.

Beau: Hey. If the truth feels harsh you might want to go look in the mirror rather than attack the truth-teller. Maybe it’s time to ask what you can do differently.

Me:  (sigh)  Fine. What can I do differently?

Beau:  Be accountable for your actions.

Me:  (sighing again)  Fine. I missed posting your blog two Sundays in a row. I apologize.

Beau:  And what do you plan on doing to make amends?

Me:  I’m sure you’ll tell me.

Beau:  Take this ridiculous coat off me.

Me:  Well I can’t take the coat off you because you’ll lick the incision where they took out the cyst and that would not be good.

Beau:  How long do I have to wear it?

Me:  Another three days.

Beau:  Fine. Then to make amends, between now and then, you can give me steak for dinner every day and buy me my favourite treats and let’s see…

Me:  Don’t you think that’s enough?

Beau:  hey lady you’re the one who asked what you needed to do to make the amends. I’m just telling you what’s needed.

Me:  Fine. But I think that’s enough.

Beau:  We’ll see.  We’ll see. For now, go get me a treat. Oh. And scratch my back would ya’? And, when you sign off don’t forget to apologize to my fans. I’m sure they missed me.

Sigh. Beaumont is a demanding dawg!  

For those who wondered, he had a cyst on his back that kept growing so we had his favourite vet, Amelia at Glamorgan Animal Clinic take it out. It’s a good thing. It was getting bigger because it was a hair growing inward!

He’s not impressed he has to wear a jacket all the time. But it’s for his own good. I promise!

And yes. I do apologize. Please let him know.


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  1. Beaumont, I am sure Louise always has your best interests at heart, forgive her this time, besides she got that agonizing lump off you……! Louise always love your blogs.


    1. Thanks sharlene — sorry for the late reply — I have to figure out why I don’t get notifications from Beau’s blog — hmm…. it may be something ‘he’ did! 🙂 Glad you enjoy his conversation. ❤


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