Where I almost win!

Beaumont:  So… I’m getting really confused.

Me:  About what?

Beau:  You need to ask?

Me:  I’d prefer not to assume. I remember what happened last week when I did.

Beau:  Yeah! So the old girl can learn new tricks?!

Me:  Haha!  Very funny. I’m not that old.

Beau:  In dog years you’re ancient.

Me:  Fine. Can we go back to what you’re confused about please?

Beau:  Sure. But you will probably wish we didn’t!

Me:  Just lay it down Beau.

Beau:  Ok. So… Here’s what I’m confused about. There’s this big beautiful world out there calling to be explored and you’re forcing me to sit here in the studio, wearing this ridiculous jacket I might add, staring at the outside from the inside.

Me:  We already went for a walk.

Beau:  And your point is?

Me    Well…. life isn’t all walks no art play, you know.

Beau:  Oh lady. How wrong you are. I’m a dawg. I have no need to ‘explore my creative core’ as you like to say. I am my creative core every minute of every day.

Me:  Whoopee for you. We humans aren’t so lucky. We lose touch with our creative cores at a very young age and have to relearn how to get in touch with it all over again when we’re adults.

Beau:  You know it would be easier if you were more like a dawg and just stayed in touch with it.

Me:  Yes. Well. My point is we’re not dawgs.

Beau:  Too bad. Maybe if you were, you would be outside playing and being creative in the great outdoors instead of inside here playing at making art.

Me:  I’m not going to win this one am I?

Beau:  Why should this one be any different than every other conversation?

Me:  I just thought maybe you’d give me a break.

Beau:  There you go being all human again. My job’s not to ‘give’ you a break. My job is to encourage you to take a break and get outside. You know. The ole’ win/win scenario.

Me:  Fine. Let’s go for a walk.

Beau:  Will you take this ridiculous coat off me?

Me:  Do you promise not to lick your incision?

Beau:  Do dawg’s poop in the woods?

Me:  It’s bears, not daw…. oh never mind. Yes. I’ll take the coat off you.

And so, Beau and I went for a walk, sans coat, and he was right. Playing in the great outdoors is a fast way to get in touch with your inner child… but I do kind of think I won this one…. I put the coat back on when we came indoors. It’s for his own good!  Honest! 🙂

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  1. I’m working on a post about walking unplugged — today I focused on the joy the dogs found in the walk and the colours I saw and how to paint them. It really is a win to go outside and walk — no matter the time, temperature or setting.


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