It’s a Dawg’s Life Gone to Cats

So. She’s done it again.

And yup. This is me, Beaumont the Sheepadoodle TwoPaws typing away ’cause she’s off gallivanting on the wilds of the west coast. Without me. Again.

Sigh. They say it’s a dawg’s life but I’m not so sure about that!

It feels more like a ‘dawg’s left out’ kind of life to me.

Do you know she’s in Tofino?

TOFINO!  Yeah. My favourite place on earth and there she is, with him, without me.

But C.C. and I need some time alone. Together. She said. And we’ll be in Vancouver for a few days and then Gabriola and well, you know how all that change is upsetting to you and…. 

You know, it all sounded like excuses to me.

I handle change quite well thank you very much. It’s not my fault I was drinking out of the toilet. They’re the ones who didn’t tell me they’d moved my water dish.

Quite frankly. I don’t think she wanted me with them.

Sigh. After all the joy and happiness I bring into her life, she does this to me.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. They left me with her amazing daughter and boyfriend who came to stay at my house. And don’t get me wrong. They’re great!. They play with me. Take me for walks. He throws a good ball and she’s always giving me treats and all. But they are the ones who dressed me in that ridiculous hat and took a photo and all.

I mean really.

What about me? And my dignity?

I think it’s a pawsitively ridiculous photo yet nobody asked me if it was okay to post it!

Ha! My hooman always has to approve photos of her before anyone can post them. What about me?

Golldawgit. It truly isn’t a dawg’s life I live. Bottom of the human pile. That’s me. Last dawg lying, and I don’t dare sleep btw. ‘Cause I don’t dare risk closing my eyes around this place right now. Did I mention, they brought that SheCat Hellion from another planet of the apes back? Yeah. Talk about holy terror. I can’t even sneak up onto the couch without her hissing and swiping her paws at me. It’s gone to the cats this place!

I know. I know. I’m sounding like I’m feeling a little sorry for myself. And I kinda am.

I mean. Really. I love Tofino. The waves. The crashing surf. The freedom to run on the beach and chase the wind and howl at the moon and leap into the air and bark at seagulls and dive into the waves.

I have the best times of my life in Tofino.

And here I am in snowy Calgary. With a cat as my constant companion.


And if that’s not bad enough, this morning I found out… they’re staying another day ’cause they’re having such a great time. Without me.

Sigh. If you think that look on my face is pathetic. Think again. It’s not pathetic. It’s real honest to dawgness downcast glumness ’cause I’m missin’ them so much and they seem to have forgotten all about me.

Sigh. It’s a dawg’s life gone to the cats and I am dawggone sick and tired of it all.

Yours in lonely contemplation of my life at home when I should be in Tofino.




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