Oh Dawg. She’s Gone And Done It. Again.

I know. I know. It’s me. Again. Pawing my way through this blog ’cause yup. You guessed it. She’s Gone. Again.

Oh dawgy dawgy. She has once again flown the coup and this time, she took HIM with her leaving me with my sis and her man and.. wait for it… that she-hellion four-legged vixen who hisses and swipes her claws every time I walk past.

Sigh. Folks. I am beyond devastated. I am a sad ‘ole dawgie in the window blue!

Someone, please talk some sense into her. She can’t keep leaving me like this.

I mean really. She was gone for five days. Got back late, (and I mean late ’cause I was sound asleep when she walked through the door Wednesday night and then… scolded me for giving her what she said was the cold shoulder. Goll dawgit. I was asleep lady!). Now, where was I? Right, she was barely home and woof! Yesterday, off she goes again. Sigh.

And yes, I mean, left. As in gone. Took off. Vanished. Again. Without me. For a weekend in the mountains no less.

Dawggoneit! I LOVE the mountains. The snow and the fresh air, the trails and the smells. I mean it’s a dawg’s paradise of smells and scents in them thar’ mountains and I love it all. And she leaves me behind. (Did I mention about that she-hellion fire breathing four-legged vixen?)

I mean, this dawg can’t even catch a break with that she-hellion around. I have to sleep with one eye open and if that’s not bad enough. she doesn’t just swipe and hiss when I walk past, she gets me in the rear too! Yeah! You read that right. I have to protect my flank and my sweet little dawgie face (did you catch that glimpse of me in the window as they left? Could you leave a dawg that cute?) Sigh. Well, she can and, she did. Leave me. With that she-hellion no less and where that vixen is concerned, there ain’t no peace for this here dawgie in the window.

Sigh. She’s promised me she’s not going away again for a while, (once she gets home again of course) but what does that mean? I don’t know ’cause again, like, if you count time in dawg-years, this weekend is like a two-week vacation.

And anyway, I gotta ask, why does she need a vacation from me?

I’m her best friend she says. Do friends do this to each other? Not in a dawg’s world they don’t.

But hey, you know me guys. I’m a magnanimous kind of dawg so when she gets home (if she ever does!) I’ll maybe give her a bit of a cold shoulder for an hour or two, (I might even add in a frigid bit of flank – if I’ve got any left that is, and that’s debatable ’cause that she-hellion might have got it all by the time my hooman gets back).

Anyway, a bit of cold shoulder (in hooman years a dawgie hour or two is but a drop in time – yeah, I’m nice that way) and then, I’ll cuddle up to her and give her a big ‘ole slobbery kiss and I will forgive her, ‘cuz you know what they say about dawg’s right? “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never had a dawg.”

And while she may have trouble staying home, I love her unconditionally, (yeah, I know. It’s just the way I am). And unconditional love means I gotta love all of her, flaws and all.

But hey, if ya’ wanna give her a bit of advice about how to be a good hooman, I would not object. Just sayin’.


Signed in unconditional love,

Sad ‘ole dawgie in the window (with tired paws from all this typin’).


7 thoughts on “Oh Dawg. She’s Gone And Done It. Again.

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  1. My dear BFF aka Big Ball of Fur! You can’t keep writing these tear jerking blogs every Sunday. I am going to go bankrupt in keeping the tissue shelf full. I am not sure what kind of assurances you need. Sometimes us Hoomans need a change of scenery, get away from household chores, breathe in fresh mountain air to keep bright, perky and alert so we can conquer each day. Yes, Beaumont – Carpe Diem is what Life is all about whether you are a BFF or a Hooman. Something you should try, you may enjoy it rather than moaning and groaning. But then one just has to look into your eyes, those gorgeous melting pools of love, and we know that you are relishing every moment of being spoiled by others. I await your next blog when SHE is away, it will be a beaut!

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  2. Dearest Iwona of the kind heart,

    Thank you for your concern and your support. I shall do my best to find a way to accept the hoomans ways and continue to relish being spoiled by my sis and her beau — about that she-hellion though….

    Yours in acceptance, (of it all except the she-hellion!)



  3. Doesn’t your human know that 1day is 7days in dog time? I hope she enjoys her vacation. As for the she-hellion, try to give her a wide berth.


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