It’s Just My Way

Me: Why the long face Beaumont?

Beau: You lost my ball.

Me: Excuse me? I lost it? I don’t think so. Aren’t you the one who keeps dropping it in front of other dawgs noses.

Beau: I’m just being friendly. You’re supposed to keep track of it.

Me: Again I say. I don’t think so. Not my ball. Not my responsibility.

Beau: Did you buy it?

Me: Yes…

Beau: And are you the one who carries it to the park in that throwie thingie?

Me: Yes….

Beau: And are you the one who carries it home in that same throwie thingie?

Me: If you haven’t lost it before we walk home.

Beau: Oh my Louise. Be accountable. Don’t go blaming your deficiencies on others. Own up.

Me: Well, do you own the fact you have a tendency to drop the ball at other dawgs’ feet?

Beau: I’m just being friendly. You might try it. But in your case, you’ll have to drop the attitude, not the ball.

Me: Very funny. Notice. I’m not laughing.

Beau: Well, my friend Rod would tell you laughter is good for what ails you. You might try laughing more to help get rid of the attitude.

Me: Haha! See. I laughed. Now, back to why dropping the ball and giving it up to other dawgs is my fault.

Beau: Now, now, Louise. I didn’t say giving the ball up to other dawgs is your fault. I said you need to be accountable for losing track of it. I’m down here at dawg level. I don’t have the same hooman-eye view you do. Plus, I’m busy trying to get to know my dawgie pals. And btw, you’re the one who told me not to be so possessive of my toys.

Me: There you go again. Blaming me.

Beau: No blame here Louise. Just accountability.

Me: Yeah. Right. So who’s accountable for the ball that ended up on our doorstep?

Beau: Oh that was my girlfriend Kavik and me. We were playing pawsies in the river and somehow you didn’t notice it floating off down the river.

Me: Right. And the ball on the doorstep?

Beau: That’s Kavik’s dad being accountable. You could take lessons from him. (he smiles sweetly)

Me: Haha! I told him it wasn’t Kavik’s fault the ball got lost. You always drop it in front of other dawgs.

Beau: Obviously he doesn’t have a problem with accountability.

Me: There’s no break for me here is there?

Beau: Only for your throwing arm when you lose the ball. Good thing Kavik’s dad replaced it. You can get back into the swing of things. And Louise…

Me: (sighing) Yes Beau?

Beau: Try not to lose this one Ok?

Beaumont was playing with Kavik in the river and his ball went drifting away. Kavik’s dad felt Kavik was responsible and dropped off a brand new one on our doorstep. Beau and I are very grateful. It was a really thoughtful (though unecessary) thing to do. Thanks SR and Kavik!

We came home to the ball on the doorstep on the same day a young man asked if I needed help crossing the street. To read about that little (mis) ‘adventure’, please join me HERE at Dare Boldly.

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