Lookin’ Good (Thx Toby)

Hey peeps, it’s me. Beaumont. Pawing my way through this missive.

Louise is away in some mountain lodge with no electricity, internet, cell service, just a whole bunch of mountains and a lake.

I’m not upset. Honest. I’m giving her a break and finding the value in time alone with my dad. I mean seriously. I get her whole side of the bed to sleep in. He lets me eat treats in bed and… bonus! He lets me up on the couch while he’s watching TV.

I mean… dawgie heaven or what?

Let Louise go to some remote place with no electricity and only mountain air to listen to and great big peaks to look at. ‘Cause dawggone it, them mountains are mighty big and sure can block the view.

My bro Toby

Anyway, I’m here pawing my way through this post ’cause I wanna tell you about my bro Toby (that’s him in the photo) and the game-changer he brought into my life.

Remember how last week Louise wrote I pulled on the leash? Harrumph. If she walked at my speed I wouldn’t be pulling!

But, doesn’t matter (she is just a mere hooman after all), Toby, my real dawgie brother, his hooman told my mom about his fancy dancy Eagloo harness and let me tell you. Game changer! (You can just see a bit of it in my photo at the top. I do look rather dashing don’t you think?)

Anyway. Louise isn’t constantly jerking on my leash and collar or nattering at me to ‘heel’ and other such hooman commands designed to make them feel like they’re in control even when they know they’re not.

Nope. Finally she walks calmly and serenely beside me. Let me tell you. The vibe is waaaay more becoming a dawg of my stature.

So… that’s it for this post. My paws are getting tired and I see my dad is still in bed. He’s probably missing my warm body beside him so I gotta go!

Thanks for being part of my pack!

6 thoughts on “Lookin’ Good (Thx Toby)

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  1. Dear Beaumont,
    I just had to weigh in on this missive. Sounds like you have life pretty well under control. New harness thanks to Bro Toby, nice “eye candy”, just like you. And you finally figured it out that “allowing” Louise to go to the mountains, sans electricity and other human comforts, your world is an oyster. I got to hand it to you, you done well!

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    1. Thanks Iwona — your cuz Ula suggested I might want to be nicer to the ole’ dame… I’m tryin’! But can I just say… sometimes, she makes it soooo easy to be sarcastic… Oops. Sorry. Right. Be nice. I’m tryin’! 🙂


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