Enjoy and Let Go

Me: Beaumont. You know you’re doing it again. Right?

Beau: What?

Me: Don’t play innocent.

Beau: Who are you to talk?

Me: What’s that mean?

Beau: Haha. You’re away. Again.

Me: And you’re lying on top of your dad. Again.

Beau: Does he look like he’s complaining?

Me: That’s not the point.

Beau: There’s a point?

Me: Of course there is. I’m trying to teach you not to lay on top of people. You’re heavy.

Beau: How can you teach me anything when you’re away. Again.

Me: I am still your hooman. It’s my job to teach you things. Always.

Beau: And that’s where you’re sadly mistaken Louise. Dawgs have way more to teach hoomans than hoomans have to teach dawgs. Like the meaning of loyalty.

Me: Oh dear… And your point is…

Beau: You know my point Louise. You keep going away. I’ll just keep doing what I do to soothe my sad heart.

Me: You know I had to come, right?

Beau: Had to is an interesting choice of words Louise. Chose to. Yes. Had to… I’m not so sure.

Me: It’s my last trip before winter sets in and I so wanted to see ‘the littles’.

Beau: I understand Louise. What I don’t get is how you think you can still set the rules when you’re not here. You know… out of sight/out of mind and all that.

Me: As I said, I’m still you’re hooman.

Beau: And as I haven’t said but need to so that you truly get the picture of ‘Life without Louise in the House’. Boys will be boys and when the hooman’s away, the boys will play.

Me: I think you mean, ‘when the cat’s away the mouse will play’.

Beau: Ha! Not in this house! Do you see a cat?

Me: Fine. Have it your way.

Beau: Don’t I always? And Louise…

Me: Yes Beau?

Beau: Have a great visit. Give ‘the littles’ a lick for me.

Me: I might not do the licks Beau. Covid and all.

Beau: Regardless, use your own advice. Enjoy and let go of worrying about me and dad. We boys are doing just fine. Y’a know, cat’s away and all that jazz.

Sigh. It’s true you know. Cat in the house or me away… Beaumont always seems to get it his way.

And I am away again for 10 days visiting my daughter, son-in-love and grandchildren. Covid still makes flying too risky so I’ve driven out for the last time before winter sets in.

An added bonus (and why I drove to Vancouver yesterday) my youngest daughter is also here (she drove out with her dad a week ago and flies home tonight – she’ll ‘self-quarantine’ just to be safe when she gets home. It’s rare these days to be able to spend time with both my daughters together so I shall savour this chance.

We’ll be back to regular programming in a couple of weeks – unless Beaumont sneaks onto his dad’s laptop next Sunday! Stay tuned. Where Beaumont’s concerned anything’s possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This is so lovely. Louise, enjoy your visit and make the best use of every minute ….. dawg can wait and if he squashes daddy, thatโ€™s just too bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚


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