In Good Times and In Bad

Beaumont: So. You know you missed last week’s post. Right?

Me: Yes Beau. I was away.

Beau: Like I could forget.

Me: Are you giving me the cold shoulder?

Beau: Oh no. It’s bigger than that Louise. This is ATTITUDE.

Me: You don’t have to yell it.

Beau: I wasn’t yelling. I was emphasizing my state of being.

Me: How long will this attitude go on?

Beau: Do I detect a little hissyness in your response?

Me: Perhaps…

Beau: How mature of you Louise.

Me: Well you started it.

Beau: Oooohhhh… And she continues….

Me: Seriously Beau. I had to go visit the Littles. I may not get out to see them again until the spring given the state of the world.

Beau: Oh. You mean the Coveting Panda’s Running Wild state of the world.

Me: It’s called Covid and it’s a pandemic Beau.

Beau: Whatever it is tell it to go away Louise.

Me: I wish I could Beau. But we seem to be stuck with it for awhile.

Beau: Well I know a great cure!

Me: What’s that Beau?

Beau: A walk in nature. We smell the earth and feel the air fresh against our faces. We breathe deep of nature’s beauty and fill our hearts with joy.

Me: Well aren’t you the poetic one.

Beau: In good times and in bad, I am poetry in motion ’cause you know what they say about dawg’s Louise…

Me: I’m sure you’re going to tell me Beau whether I do or not.

Beau: Wow! You’re finally catching on in your old age!

Me: Careful with the old word Beau.

Beau: Right. You’ve got a birthday looming… I know how sensitive you are about that age thing.

Me: Let it go buddy. Now what is it they say about dawg’s?

Beau: Right. I won’t bring up your age thing again. For awhile…

Me: Beau…

Beau: (grinning innocently) Right. Well… what they say is, “Dawgs are the poetry of life dancing on four legs.”

Me: Who says that?

Beau: (grinning happily) I do!

Me: Of course. Well at least you’ve let the attitude go.

Beau: Nah. Not really. I’m just practicing waxing eloquent in anticipation of your apology for leaving me again. Now… about that walk….

Sigh. And so it is with Beau. One paw forward. One paw back. And now… all four paws and two feet are off for a walk in nature.

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  1. Beaumont, really – attitude! You know that gets you absolutely nowhere. Your photo pose is regal, capitalize on that and you are the winner. BTW, this Covid thingy will keep Louise home now for a long stretch so be happy πŸ€— or did that part of the exchange not sink in?!

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    1. I think you and M need to come back for a visit Iwona so you can remind me of all the things I keep forgetting whenever she goes away. And yup. That long stretch part did not sink in! Woo Hoo! She’ll be able to spoil me now all winter!


    1. Thank you dear Lorrie! And… it’s not until the beginning of December — but I start early. πŸ™‚ Sweet blessings to you too my friend. And yes, very well. Just got back from visiting my daughter and her family in Vancouver — so precious the ‘littles’ — 2.5 yrs and 3 months. Perfect!


      1. Ah! What a beautiful visit you must have had, Louise!! πŸ™‚ So precious…and love the name the ‘littles!’ Hope you have a super wonderful week…and happy creating!! ❀


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