Honey. Belle. Briar. Bourbon. No Beau.


Hey Peeps! It’s me Beaumont! And I’m so confused. I’m in need of some impartial hooman guidance. So…. tell me I’m not out of line. Tell me I’m being real considerate ’cause honest, I understand why they’ve gone off for two weeks without me, but I do draw the line at Louise putting photos of some other dawggone dawg on my here blog!

It’s called, Sundays with Beaumont for a reason.

It’s my blog. My place to reign supreme, to be Top Dawg, Beaumont the Magnificent, the King of this here digital domaine!

But hey. I’m magnificent and generous. Right? So…. I’m going to let her share a couple of photos of Honey and Belle, but I draw the line at 4 pooches! Apparently, there’s a Bourbon and Byron where she’s at too. But seriously? One B-dawg guest is enough. But 4 dawgs with a B-name? No dawgone way!


I know. I know. You think I’m being a bit of a Baby Beau but seriously. I miss my hoomans. Know what I mean?

And from what I understand, they’re having a wonderful time at some big lake called Georgian Bay and they’re on their way to some other bay called Barry’s Bay where they’ll be lolling about by the water while I while away my days pining for their return.

Now don’t get me wrong. T and L are great! They do my bidding. They give me hugs and treats and even let me sit under the table while they eat, and they’re real gracious about throwing the ball into the river and all, but ya’ know, this ole’ dawg is a 2 hooman owner and when my hoomans are so far away, I worry. Like, they called and didn’t even Facetime me!!!

What’s with that?


I know. Enough whining.

But I know you’ll understand. you’re my peeps. And a dawg’s gotta do what a dawg’s gotta do, right? To get over their ennui. Right?

And, my ennui isn’t about they’re not taking me. Honest. I get that flying is not for this here dawg – at least not in steerage, that’s for sure. A king has got to keep up his standards and all!

But… my blog. my rules.

Two guest dawgs per post. That’s my rule. And I stand firm on my four paws on that one.

Dear Beau<

It’s Louise. Your hooman scribe. I hear you but I must override your rule. It’s not fair to only share photos of 2 of the 4 beautiful pooches here . I’m afraid that as I control the PUBLISH button, I’m sneaking in thse two more…

I hope you understand. I’ll also put in a photo of you. It’s only fair. And you are both a fair and fair dawg. Oops, sorry. King.

Your fair damsel hooman in Georgian Bay,


Beau: (sigh) I guess I have no say in this one so I shall magnanimously accept defeat and celebrate the addition of these two dawgs.

Sigh….. Somedays, it’s just not a dawg’s world. But hey! Beaumont the magnificently magnanimous is above petty quarrels. I’ll save all that for when you know who returns — and your right Rod… them thar shoes look mighty tempting…

Just sayin’.

My left side is my best side. Don’t you agree?

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  2. Quite magnanimous of you Beaumont to share your special space with others. Really, it comes through in your regal pose. Enjoy your holiday!

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