You never call – a repost

Looking from the inside/outside – oh where oh where can my hoomans be?

Get this peeps. Louise goes off galivanting in the east… she seldom calls… and now… she’s even reposting one of our conversations from when she went west two years ago to see ‘The Little’ who at the time was the only Little ’cause the female little hadn’t yet arrived on the scene… Is that too many littles in one sentence? Anyway, this isn’t about the Littles because this time she’s off visiting friends in ‘the east’!

NOw… don’t think I’m complaining, ’cause I’m not. I have the best of companions in T and L! They take me swimming everyday. They throw the ball real good into the river, like real good, way out there into the river, and they make sure I’m getting lots of hugs and cuddles, especially when the sky opens up and the gods are bowling with massive clouds and throwing darts at one another, (you know as a dawg I do not get thunderstorms. Dawggone it, I can’t even hear myself barking when the gods are running wild up above! but I digress)… anyway, Louise and C.C. are having a grand ‘ole time but can you believe it, they didn’t even ask for a photo of me while they’re gone. I mean really! So… this morning, Louise decided to go into the archives and pull up a post from two years ago ’cause for some reason she thinks that’s ok. Go figure. No telling with this hooman what she’ll do next.

Sigh. It sure ain’t my kind of communications peeps but…. apparently, she’s in control of the keypad – I snuck my paws on while she was making herself a coffee… in case you’re wondering…


Post from July 7, 2019

Beaumont:  So… you go off on a trip and forget all about me?

Me:  I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve just been visiting and having fun.

Beau:  And drinking a whole lot of wine from the looks of it.

Me:  Not that much.

Beau:  Sure. So you say. I saw the photos.

Me:  Are you judging me?

Beau:  Who me? Judge? Nah. I’m just pointing out that you’ve taken off on some wild adventure and haven’t even bothered to have a Sunday conversation with me.

Me:  I’ve been busy.

Beau:  Right. Too busy to remember those you left behind.

Me:  I call every night.

Beau:  Yeah. But you don’t talk to me. You just talk to my dad.

Me:  I say hello to you.

Beau:  Oh wow. How thoughtful.

Me:  Beau. Don’t be like that.

Beau:  Like what?

Me:  You know. All passive aggressivey.

Beau:  Oh lady. This ain’t passive aggressive. It’s just me being the one you left behind.

Me:  I didn’t leave you behind.

Beau:  Really?  Am I there with you?

Me:  Well… No.

Beau:  So you left me behind.

Me:  Not in the way you mean.

Beau:  How would you know what I mean?  You don’t even call.

Me:  I told you. I call your dad every night.

Beau:  Doesn’t count. You don’t call me.

Me:  You don’t have a phone.

Beau:  And who’s fault is that?

Me:  I can’t win with you can I?

Beau:  Maybe if you didn’t ditch me just to go visit that baby.

Me:  Beau. he’s my grandson.

Beau:  And what am I?

Me:  The best dog in the world.

Beau:  Then maybe you should stop treating me like chopped liver.

Sigh.  I’m off visiting family and friends on the west coast — and spending lots of time with my grandson. Beau is not impressed.


The photo of Beau is taking looking into the house from the deck. He refuses to come out on the deck when the umbrella is up and just sits staring at us through the window.

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  1. My tears (of laughter) are spilling over, as I chuckle over your alleged conundrum. Beaumont, wake up. T and L are so into you, making sure you do not feel neglected, giving you their divided attention. Done on, does it not get any better. And, get your thinking cap on! Start devising all sorts of “make them feel guilty gestures” when Louise and C.C. finally do make their way west from the Middle Kingdom.
    BTW, I have it on very good authority that a special bag of treats will be winging its way to you, something unique to the Middle Kingdom and the folks across the river.

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