Summer Breaks and Cooling Off

I know. I know. Beaumont has been missing from blogland for two weeks… I was busy… okay?

Actually, really busy. I was in Vancouver visiting and playing with my grandchildren and… well…. Beau and I both needed a holiday.

Which also means…. I kinda still want to R&R it – at least until the end of August!

Which also means… Beaumont is not all that impressed. Apparently, his paws just don’t work the keyboard like my fingertips.

But…. I had also sometime ago made a commitment to myself that I would compile all the past conversations I’d written with him and posted on my Dare Boldly blog — it was all before he started this blog and became such an highly followed and anticipated blogosphere dawg writer!

This conversation took place a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

And yes… I will probably post an old one next Sunday today and then get back in the swing come September.

And no Rod, this is not neglect. It’s just me taking a creative break! 🙂

Me:  Beaumont. Come. We’ve got to go.

Beaumont:  It’s nice and cool here in the river. Why don’t you come in?

Me:  Don’t be ridiculous.

Beaumont:  Why is that ridiculous? It’s hot out there. Cool in here.

Me:  It’s time to go.

Beaumont:  Don’t you want to cool off? Kinda seems like you might need to.

Me:  I’m fine. Let’s go.

Beaumont:  You don’t seem fine to me. You seem kind of grumpy.

Me:  I’m not grumpy. I’m just hot and tired.

Beaumont:  I rest my case.

Me:  We’re leaving now.

Beaumont:  As you wish.

And so we left the river’s edge. Beaumont nice and cool and refreshed. Me, not so much.

4 thoughts on “Summer Breaks and Cooling Off

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  1. Hey there Beaumont! Be grateful you are not in the Middle Kingdom these days. At 1530h (my time) the outdoor temperature hit 36C, breeze is non-existant, humidity waffles between 70 and 98% depending on the time of day. Enjoy the coolness of the river. I fully understand why Louise is hit, tired and grumpy. She has been on the move since early July, busy, busy, busy. I spend 4-6 days in the zoo and need a break of 10-12 days. But life is grand, health is good (except for that gimpy knee), keeping COVID at bay. Yes, life is grand. These days the alternative is bad. And this country is staring down the rabbit hole, once again, because of the stupidity of a few. Enough said. My life and that of my friends which includes you Dear Beaumont, is grand. Let’s keep it that way.

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    1. I’m with you Iwona — and yes, I know… she’s tired and all that jazz. Guess this time I really will give her a break! 🙂 It’s the graciously magnificent thing to do!

      Sorry about the still-bothering-you knee. Want me to come and lick it better?


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