Dashing Christmas spirits

Dawggone it peoples. She’s doing it again. Giving me all these excuses as to why she didn’t post my blog yesterday and I say, “Petchewie!”

They’re all just excuses.

Photos courtesy of Dustin T.

Like, “Beau, I just don’t have time, We’re doing our second annual Christmas Tree outdoor decorating extravaganza today and I’ve got to get everything ready.”

Or… “Not now Beau. Can’t you see my hands are busy putting wires through the decorations I made (which all the time she took making the decorations was another excuse, btw) and I just don’t have time right now.”

Or…. probably the most crushing of a dawg’s spirits and hopes at this most spirited and hopeful time of the year…. “I’m off to Vancouver on Wednesday morning to see The Littles and I’ve got to get these gifts wrapped to take with me.”

And… get this! She was so busy taking care of all the guests, she omitted to take a photo of me under said Christmas tree extravaganza!

Photo by Dustin T

And believe me. I was the hit of the festivities! I entertained everyone. Made them all feel special when they arrived and ensured that everyone got ample tail-wags and a few licks and even a paw in the lap if they happened to have some food I thought might be interesting to taste. Know what I mean? A dawg is always of service and being a food taster is just one of my great services to hooman kind.

Though, y’a know I had to share some of the limelight with that Wilma chick. And well, let me tell you something about that Wilma chick. She’s got hutzpah! Why she’s so committed to being of service to hooman kind that when she spied Emily’s hand just sitting there on her lap with an uneaten half of the delicious muffins Dustin made, well she just leapt right over, grabbed that muffin out of Emily’s hand and scoffed it down in one big bite! I mean talk about dedicating your life in service to hooman kind. Why that muffin could have been dangerous to the hooman palette. Though… come to think of it, it didn’t really sit on Wilma’s palette long enough for her to taste it before disappearing down her throat, so we’ll never know the truth of why Wilma sacrificed herself in service with such gusto!

PHoto courtesy of Dustin T.

Anyway, I digress.

Louise is sipping her early morning coffee and sitting in front of the Christmas tree admiring the sparkling lights (the indoor one) — oh and that was another reason why she didn’t have time to post! She had to decorate the Christmas tree indoors because… yup… you guessed it. She’s off to see The LIttles and, get this! She won’t be here for C.C.s nor her birthdays!

I mean, how’s a dawg gonna get any birthday cake if she’s not here to even celebrate?

Sigh. It ain’t a dawgs life folks. It’s a dawghouse existence of the purgatory kind!

Oh well. I did manage to get a lot of hugs and pets and love and attention at the gathering yesterday. Not to mention a whole bunch of treats from my Uncle Jim, though I did have to share with that Wilma chick.

PHoto courtesy of Dustin T.

Sigh. I didn’t ask for a sister but I suppose as far as sisters go, she’s not bad. Though I wish she’d teach me how to steal food from hooman’s palms the way she does. I mean she’s fast people! Real fast!

Ok. I’m signing off now. Louise is coming out of her reverie and if she catches my paws on the keyboard, they’ll be all heck to pay!

Suffice it to say, next Sunday’s post will be a no-go. She’ll have her laptop with her, leaving me out in the cold. so to speak. Though I always get more treats and space on the bed when she’s gone!

See y’all in a couple of weeks.

7 thoughts on “Dashing Christmas spirits

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  1. Dear Beaumont!
    Your portrait among the poinsettias is quite regal. Well done !
    You do realize that you have been handed the most important role and that is to ensure that C.C. has a proper birthday celebration. It is obvious that Louise trusts you, so start planning. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for acknowledging the regalness of my dawgeing, Iwona. And yes, she trusts ME. Not so sure I can say the same about me to HER. But then…. it just means I get her side of the bed ALL TO MYSELF! Bonus! 🙂


  2. Oawh, my poor Beau! I so feel with you. And stating that Wilma is fast, I have you know that I had the pleasure of sharing a family home with a French bulldog. If Wilma is fast, this guy was lethal! When Zumbo (from Zumba, the dance!) greeted us in the morning, he came at me like a canon ball, doing a salto in the process…. but then I couldn’t take a single decent photo of the little dervish during the 2 days…. And now I look at that incredible portrait of you and I love ❤ how sophisticated and noble you are presenting… Just know that a noble being should also have a noble and forgiving heart. It’s Louise brushing and climbing your magnificent coat so that you can look so very beautiful 😍
    So, forgive her once more and share your great love with daddy – so that the occasional morsel of a shop bought birthday cake will find its way to your plate 😉🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! That Zumbo sounds like quite the bullet! Fortunately, Wilma is all squiggly and squirmy so her antics are kinda funny to watch — it’s just dawggone it, she even races into my house to eat my food right out of my dish!
      And ok, Kiki. I will forgive her. Again. Because as you know, I am a magnificently magnanimous dawg! ❤ 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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