Men In Tights

I’m still away visiting The Littles — so this is a repost from Nov 24, 2019 – as GreyCup is today and Beau still wonders why they chase that ball.

Beaumont:  So, what is it with you humans and having to watch men in tights?

Me:  Don’t you mean Men in Black?

Beau:  No. That’s a movie. I’m talkin’ about those guys in tights who chase a pig skin.

Me:  Oh you mean football. And it’s one word btw. Pigskin.

Beau:  Whatever. I must admit though, I do not understand why they’d chase a pig skin and not a pig. Now that would be way more fun!

Me:  But that wouldn’t be football.

Beau:  Maybe, but PigBall would be way more challenging.

Me:  Well aren’t you the funny one.

Beau:  Yes.

Me:  And humble.

Beau:  Yes.

Me:  Okay then. Where were we?

Beau:  Me wondering why my dad is glued to the TV every Sunday and I’m left sitting here staring out the window.

Me:  I took you to the park this morning.

Beau:  So?  I hear you’re off to watch some cup turn grey this afternoon.

Me:  Beau. It’s called the Grey Cup and yes we are. Though I don’t watch the game I just chat with the ladies.

Beau:  And watch your hair turn grey, like the cup?

Me:  Haha.  You are just full of beans today aren’t you.

Beau:  Better to be full of beans than pig skin, though come to think of it, a pig’s ear is a mighty tasty treat.

Me:  Can we change the subject? Please?

Beau:   Will you take me for another romp at the park?

Me:  Do you promise not to bring up my grey hair again?

Beau:  Hey Lady. Can I help it if you insist on watching a grey cup with your grey hair?

Me:  I told you I won’t be watching it much.

Beau:  Doesn’t matter. Whatever you watch, your hair will be grey.

Me:  Thanks for the reminder.

Beau:  No problem. Now… about that walk or are you feeling too old and tired to go out again?

Me:  No way! Let’s go.

Man that Beaumont knows how to fool me into taking him for a walk!  Imagine suggesting I’m too old and tired!

And…. a Grey Cup Day bonus… A video of a not so rare sighting of…

Beau in the Snow


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