There are many ways to give

Me: Beau, it’s time to go.

Beau: I’m not done.

Me: We’ve been out in this smoke long enough.

Beau: What smoke?

Me: The smoke that’s envelopped the whole province from all the wildfires burning up north.

Beau: You didn’t tell me there were wildfires Louise. Why aren’t we up there doing something about it?

Me: I’m not a firefighter, Beau and neither are you.

Beau: But I could be a comfort dog.

Me: True. But I think right now, in the middle of the crisis, people need more than a comfort dog Beau.

Beau: What do they need? Maybe I could give them that?

Me: Do you have any money Beau, ’cause money’s the best thing for us to give.

Beau: No. But you do.

Me: Yes. And I’ve sent some.

Beau: Oh. So… how did you do that?

Me: Telus has a number you can text and all proceeds will be given to registered charities working in the areas affected.

Beau: But you’re not a Telus customer.

Me: Doesn’t matter. In circumstances like this Beau, there is no us or them, no ‘you can’t give here’ because you don’t fit in. The needs of those in the fire zones are so great, everyone needs to pitch in, and that includes large corporations who normally would be competing against each other.

Beau: Oh. So did you put your name on my donation?

Me: Hmmmm…. well….

Beau: I take it that’s a Yes, you put your name on my donation.

Me: Ummmm. Yes, but Beau, when I saw Telus has stepped up to make it easy for me to do something tangible. One text to 41010 and $20 will be donated and the cost added to my Shaw/Rogers. You can do it as often as you want, it’s easy and, as we are not equipped to go to where the people, animals and environment needs our help, we give money. Every cent makes a difference.

Beau: Hmmm…. So, can we sell one of my stuffies and I’ll donate that money?

Me: Umm, Beau, your stuffies are so decrepit I don’t think you’ll find any buyers.

Beau: Then what am I supposed to do? I want to help too.

Me: You are helping Beau. Just by letting me tell your readers a way they can make a difference, you’re helping.

Beau: Awwww…. Thanks Louise. Did you expect anything less from me? I am Sir Beaumont the Magnificently Magnanimous, remember?

Me: How could I forget? But Beau. We’ve been out in the smoke long enough. We must go.

Beau: Okay Louise. But can’t you throw the ball one more time?

And so I did.

If you would like to help out those impacted by Alberta’s Wildfires, there are many ways to help – right now, money is the fastest and most effective way to make a difference. Click the links below for info.


The Red Cross

Rogers – Matching donations to the Canadian Red Cross 2023 Alberta Fires Appeal up to $1 million. Donate by texting the word ROGERS to 20222 to make a $5 donation to the appeal which will be matched by Rogers 

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